Both John Cena and Dwayne Johnson have been two stars with a lot of similarities in their careers. So, it is natural for WWE fans to compare them often in different spheres of life. While some of these comparisons are more on the professional scale, others lie on the physical side of things. Taking the latter into account, we are here to answer a question that you would’ve wondered at least once as a wrestling fan.

What is the height difference between The Rock and John Cena? Though both the WWE legends are well-built men, there seems to be a key difference between their physical appearance that can be measured objectively. If you haven’t been able to solve this puzzle yet, we are going to explore the height difference between the two.

John Cena vs The Rock: Who is taller?


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When both the wrestlers are face to face inside or outside the ring, it is difficult to confirm who is the taller one out of the two. Camera angles, wrestling gear, and other factors play a role in deceiving us. So, taking facts straight from the public database called ‘internet’, we are going to compare the two legends on the grounds of their height.


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Sources point out that the Peacemaker stands as tall as 6 feet or 1.85 meters, whereas his former WWE rival is 6 feet 5 inches or 1.96 meters tall. In fact, this isn’t the only physical difference the two have in between. While John Cena weighs 251 lbs, The Brahma Bull is 9 pounds heavier than him, weighing around 260 lbs.

Despite the numerous times that the two superstars have been compared with each other, they never fail to amaze their fans with the respect that they hold for each other. A couple of weeks ago, WWE fans witnessed one such admirable view when Cena and Johnson ran into each other backstage on SmackDown.

Dwayne Johnson had a message for John Cena

The Rock made his return to WWE after a long time a couple of Friday nights ago. He had a segment with a much younger star where he schooled him about being humble. Moreover, The Rock was warmly welcomed to his ‘home’ by fans present in the arena as well as online. But Cena didn’t miss the chance either. The two ran into each other backstage and Cena also welcomed The Brahma Bull.


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Before the two exchanged a hug, there was a moment of tension between them that The Rock broke by pointing out how Cena was trying to smile. Then, the 16-time world champion admitted the same as he went on to welcome his old rival.

No matter how much competition both of these wrestlers have between them, it is clear that there is mutual respect too.


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