Hulk Hogan recently turned 70. On August 11, he had a blast while celebrating his birthday bash. It was a cheerful party, but tears of joy were also present in his eyes. But take your vitamins and say your prayers folks because his fiance and ex-colleagues left no stone to make his special day and threw him a big surprise, brother!

From personalized cakes to reminisces of his pro wrestling career, the party planners paid extra attention to every minute detail so that the event gets imprinted on the WWE Hall of Famer’s mind forever. Let’s dive deep and explore how Hogan’s loved ones made his 70th birthday exceptional.

Hulk Hogan celebrated his 70th birthday in exuberant fashion


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Recently, Hogan went to his Instagram handle to share a video on his feed. The video is a collection of snippets of his 70th birthday party. The video begins with Hogan – along with his fiance Sky Daily – entering a room full of his loved ones who are ready to wish him on completing his 70th year on the earth.

He shakes hands with his friends and even hugs many of them. Everyone is posing and taking pictures. Cameras are flashing everywhere. It feels like a red carpet at an award function. Hogan’s friends and colleagues have arranged a gallery wall for him that consists of photographs of his illustrious wrestling career.

All this overwhelms him and tears of joy began falling down on his cheek. Fans can then see the birthday boy’s special birthday cake, which is in a shape of a squared circle with a miniature Hogan standing inside the ropes. Several important people from Hogan’s life enjoy the camaraderie.


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One of which was fellow wrestling legend Ric Flair and The Big Show also Paul Wight in AEW. While the former had his ‘final’ match last year, Wight is yet to officially hang up his boots since his shift to behind-the-scenes work. Regardless, the Nature Boy and the World’s Largest Athlete seemed to be having a ball of a time. Hogan’s birthday became extra special due to the presence of his loved ones, especially Sky Daily, who recently became his fiance.

Hogan’s fiance and the birthday planning fit for the GOAT, brother!


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Hogan and Daily have been dating together for around one and a half years now. Recently in July, Hogan proposed to his girlfriend at a wedding reception of a friend and she said yes. Therefore, this year he celebrated his birthday with his fiance which was made all the more special by their recent union.

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On top of all this, Hogan’s son, Nick Hogan, had planned something for his dad. He and his dad kicked off the birthday bash in the most epic fashion by watching Netflix in one of Hogan’s imported cars, giving them the feel of a ‘drive-in movie at home.’ It was definitely one of the best gifts Hogan got for his birthday, as he identifies as a gearhead.


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Several superstars wished Hogan a very Happy birthday on Friday. What do you have to say about Hogan getting emotional at his birthday party? Let us know in the comments below.

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