As promised by the promotion, WrestleMania XL proved to be the ‘biggest WrestleMania of all time’. Dwayne Johnson getting chokeslammed by The Undertaker was the biggest highlight for many. Now, Johnson has endured chokeslam from Taker before, but this time, there was something different. Why did the chokeslam hurt more than usual?

Well, ‘Final Boss’ was about to cost Cody Rhodes his entire story when the Deadman turned up in Philadelphia during the main event of Night 2. The lights went off and the iconic horror bell sound was playing in the background. When the lights came back on, The Undertaker was standing behind Johnson. He gave The Rock a chokeslam.

The Brahma Bull stayed out of the ring for the rest of the match. But about a year ago, Taker went ‘Sneaker Shopping’ with ‘Complex’ and bought two pairs of Hoka sneakers. He was wearing one of those pairs during his surprise appearance at WrestleMania XL. As Johnson learned this fact, he commented on Complex’s Instagram post, confessing, “I knew there was a reason this chokeslam hurt like a MF. F**king Hokas!! 😂💪🏾


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So, when The People’s Champion commented about how it hurt him badly, he also realized in a hilarious way that the ‘Hoka’ sneakers were the secret behind Taker’s strength that day.

What did Dwayne Johnson shout before getting slammed?


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The crowd had gone wild during the Bloodline Rules match at Mania, and rightfully so. However, this excitement made many interesting script dialogues inaudible. So, we repeated the spots a few times to decipher The Rock’s last words to John Cena and The Undertaker, before the WWE legend was put out of action.

After Johnson had laid waste to Cena, lights went out, giving way to Taker’s dramatic entry. Before turning around, The Rock was looking over to the ramp entrance, expecting Mark Calaway to enter from there. Johnson yelled, “Let the rock punch the f**king [inaudible due to censor].” But when he turned around and saw The Undertaker, this is when he shouted his final words before getting the infamous chokeslam. “You want the same?!


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Taker thus knocked The Rock out for several moments. This gave Cody Rhodes the opportunity to finish his story. As Roman Reigns hit Rollins in the back with a steel chair, the focus was away from Rhodes. He took the opportunity and attacked Reigns with multiple Cross Rhodes’. He eventually won through pitfall.


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What did you think of the chokeslam visuals? Do you wish it had lasted longer?

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