If there is one wrestler who has generated more heat in the past six months than anyone, it is Dominik Mysterio. Who would have thought that the son of the biggest babyface, Rey Mysterio would turn out to be such a perfect heel character? This also means that whenever someone goes after the young superstar, the audience loves it.

But this time on Monday Night Raw, Dominik didn’t just get beaten up. He got brutally slammed to the mat, face front, by the former Divas Champion, Beth Phoenix. After hurting her husband, Phoneix appeared out of nowhere at Royal Rumble to knock some sense into Rhea Ripley and The Judgement Day. But tonight they came out to announce the mixed tag team matches at Elimination Chamber.


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Seeing Edge and Beth Phoneix together in the ring against Finn Balor and Ripley will be amazing as all four are top-class athletes. Before Rhea goes to WrestleMania to face Charlotte Flair, it would be great to see her face one of the best women’s wrestlers of all time. It will be a contest of power vs power and we’re all here for it.

Fans hilariously make a meme out of WWE Hall of Famer’s actions toward Dominik Mysterio

Beth and her husband, Edge, began Monday Night Raw, but The Judgement Day came down the ring without Ripley. After a few words, both groups started brawling with each other. In the chaos, Phoenix caught hold of the unarmed Mysterio and planted his face first with the Glam slam. But that wasn’t all, the GlamaMother tweeted about it, calling out Ripley as well. This got the fans to post about it on Twitter.

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Everyone laughed at this like it was their favorite annoying cousin being punished for his crimes.

Only Beth could pull off iconic moments even after such a long break from the ring.

It already is a meme!

Everyone wants to see Dominik being put in his place.

We all could see Dominik mouthing the only words that could save him at this point.


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These reactions just go to show how big Dominik and Judgement Day have become in such a small time. Adding Ripley and Dominik was undoubtedly the best decision for the group. So, we just have to see what they end up doing at WrestleMania 39.


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