“I Didn’t Even Tell Vince This Story”- Jim Ross Opens Up About Brock Lesnar Joining WWE

July 1, 2020 12:20 am

In a recent interview, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross revealed that he deliberately withheld information from Vince McMahon to prevent WWE from signing Brock Lesnar earlier.

On the Grilling JR Podcast, JR gave us this interesting information which is certainly food for thought.

JR wasn’t worried about another rival promotion such as WCW signing Lesnar and was confident that WWE would get him.

“Absolutely not, we had him,” says JR.

He didn’t have a doubt about it because a verbal agreement was met with the University Of Minnesota (Lesnar’s College) wrestling coach, J Robinson.

JR did not want to deprive Lesnar of his college life and education by signing him earlier.

Already turning a lot of heads, Ross realized that Brock Lesnar could be swooped up by any big wrestling company.

However, he decided to stick to priorities.

“As I’ve told the story before, we could’ve signed Brock after his junior year,” explains JR, elucidating the opportunity they had once again.

Jim Ross had the long term effects in mind before making the decision on Brock Lesnar

JR told the good lie and held back the information from Vince McMahon.

I didn’t even tell Vince this story because he would’ve wanted me to go sign Brock right away,” explains JR.

Jim Ross also had the future course of the action in mind. Picking up Lesnar before he graduated would have ruined WWE’s relations with NCAA Wrestling.

This would make the signing of future prospects from the same a difficult task with unnecessary complications.

“The Beast Incarnate” joined WWE after all and earned $200,000-$250,000 for starters. He is now one of the most respected athletes in the wrestling world and a force to reckon with.

We can’t even imagine what Vince McMahon would have done to JR had Lesnar joined another promotion after all. However, Ross was right to trust his gut on this one.

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