After almost a decade, CM Punk returned to the WWE and had his first match at a Live Tour event. While fans were upset that it was not televised, Punk broke down the difference between Live Events and TV. This hinted why his match occurred at a Live Tour event and not on the televised product.

Since Punk has been around WWE for a long time, he’s seen the changes to both Live Tour events and TV tapings.  Like most wrestlers, he has his own preferences.

CM Punk prefers live events to TV tapings


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While on the WWE Preview Special 2024, Punk was asked about his first match back in the WWE. During the WWE’s Live Tour event, the former AEW star wrestled and won against Dominik Mysterio. During his interview, he was also asked what he felt about live events vs. TV tapings.

Punk had a lot to say about it. He began by talking about how old he was back in the day. Live Tour events were called House Shows. “They were my bread and butter. TV is one thing, TV is a whole nervous ball energy.” He went on to explain how TV was heavily monitored and carefully curated according to the time given to them.


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Punk said, “Everybody is worried about sticking to times on Television and you have a lot of bosses.” But, when it came to House Shows, Punk said, “When I’m on house shows I don’t have a boss.” This showed the stark contrast between Live Events, where Punk has freedom, and TV, where he does not.

Punk added, “I get to have fun, and it brings me back to starting wrestling in the first place.” In conclusion, for Punk House Shows were where it all started for him. His career and his rise to fame began with House Shows where people who loved him would come to see him as a wrestler. He would get to have fun, and it wouldn’t be so serious.


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Punk’s road to WrestleMania 40

The day Punk signed on for Monday Night RAW, he was confronted by Seth Rollins. The two have been going at it since Punk’s return at WWE Survivor Series WarGames.

This led to Punk declaring he would be in the Royal Rumble 2024. The winner of which gets a shot at Seth Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Punk later announced that winning the title would be the start of his story, not the end.


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What do you think about Punk’s thoughts on Live Events vs TV? Tell us down below.

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