Being a part of WWE means interacting and forging connections with lots of important people. One such person is Vince McMahon, executive chairman of WWE. However, this relationship can be affected by the way one performs on the stage. Especially if the said person has had a losing streak of 269 matches. Recently on the Notsam Wrestling podcast, former WWE star and The Rock‘s sparring partner Brian Myers famously known as Curt Hawkins opened up about his experience and relationship with Vince McMahon.

Curt Hawkins talks about McMahon

Speaking with Sam Roberts on the latest episode of Notsam Wrestling Podcast, Brian Myers shed light on his career, his losing streak, his relationship with The Rock, and other aspects of his career. Talking about his relationship with Vince McMahon, Myers reflected upon his initial tenure with the company. He recalled the time when McMahon acknowledged Myers’ abilities by referring to him as a dependable asset—a “good hand.


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Notably, there were instances where McMahon’s interest in Myers was evident. When Neville, also known as Pac, received a call-up to the main roster, Road Dogg conveyed McMahon’s directive that Myers should work with Neville. This opportunity was intended to gauge Neville’s capabilities, underscoring McMahon’s strategic assessment of Myers’ skills.

Despite these positive interactions, Myers expressed a degree of uncertainty about the exact turning point that led to a shift in McMahon’s perspective. He pondered over whether McMahon perceived him as a superstar, acknowledging that the dynamic might not have been optimal.

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In retrospect, Myers found McMahon’s recognition and acknowledgment of his capabilities to be flattering. Although Myers couldn’t grasp the full extent of McMahon’s perception of him as a potential superstar, he recognized the value of McMahon’s acknowledgment and trust in his ability to fulfill his intended role within the wrestling landscape.

Nevertheless, a deep dive into the wrestler’s career could play a part in understanding his stature in the company.

Hawkins’ career in a nutshell

Curt Hawkins endured a losing streak of 269 consecutive losses without securing a single victory. However, his journey is more intricate than just a series of losses. A seasoned WWE competitor since 2007, Hawkins partnered with Zack Ryder as the Edgeheads, supporting Edge and even clinching the WWE Tag Team Titles.


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Hawkins’ career took unforeseen routes thereafter. He formed tag teams with Vance Archer and Tyler Reks. The former WWE star also had a brief stint in NXT . Furthermore, he explored the independent wrestling scene during a hiatus from WWE. Upon returning to WWE in 2016, Hawkins faced a string of misfortune that translated into his infamous 269-match losing streak. Surprisingly, rather than casting him as a perpetual loser, this streak unexpectedly endeared him to the WWE Universe.

Back in 2011, The Rock aimed to make his comeback for WrestleMania that year. Hawkins and his friend Joe Henning famous by his ring name Curtis Axel were chosen to be sparring partners for The Brahma Bull.


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Brian Myers has turned his attention elsewhere as he participates in an eight-man tag team main event at IMPACT Emergence 2023. Myers will join forces with the likes of Bully Ray, Moose, and X-Division Champion Lio Rush. Their formidable team will clash against an equally impressive lineup consisting of IMPACT World Champion Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, KUSHIDA, and Josh Alexander. What is your opinion of Myers’ losing streak? What did you make of his comments involving Vince McMahon? Let us know in the comments below