With his incredible talent and unwavering resilience, Hulk Hogan etched his name in the wrestling industry. From his rise in the 80s till now, he has savored all the relish the wrestling world has provided him over the years. However, his illustrious career was not all peaches and cream.

During his active days in the industry, he had to see some of his darkest hours that have gotten imprinted in his mind. One such incident is when he escaped a near-death situation in Puerto Rico 35 years ago.

Hulk Hogan received a death threat in Puerto Rico


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Hogan recently appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience, where he had a lengthy interview promoting his new health and wellness line. During the interview, he also shed some light on the incident when he escaped death by a very narrow margin.


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He said that he went to Puerto Rico for a match in 1988. Famous American singer, Cyndi Lauper, also accompanied him. After performing a match with “Macho Man” Randy Savage, the two legends went to their hotel. There they found Savage’s room completely thrashed.

Hogan panicked upon the unsettling sight and rushed to his hotel room, only to stumble upon a more horrifying incident. He said, “When I opened the door, he’s sitting there, and because he’s still really active, and he’s sitting there with a gun and he said, If you ever come back here, I’m gonna kill you.”

Hogan mentioned that the person sitting inside – who he refrained from naming – threatened to kill him. narrowly escaping death, he hurried to the airport and flew to LA. But the story doesn’t end there.

What Hogan said next will send a chill down your spine…

Continuing his story further, Hogan revealed that four months after his deadly encounter in Puerto Rico, another wrestler went to the same Caribbean island. The wrestler who went there was Bruiser Brody aka Frank Donald Goodish.


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The WWE Hall of Famer revealed Brody also had gone there for a match. His match was scheduled with Dan Spivey at Juan Ramón Loubriel Stadium in Bayamón (a city near San Juan, Puerto Rico). There Brody has an argument with the booker for the event.

Hogan revealed the booker called him in the shower and slit his throat, thus killing him. To think that Hogan could have received the same fate as Brody sends a chill down everyone’s spine, including the WWE legend himself.


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But he was fortunate enough that he could escape the deadly situation in Puerto Rico and come back safely to his family. What are your thoughts on Hogan getting nearly killed in Puerto Rico 35 years ago? Share your thoughts below.

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