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“I Shut Him Right Down”: WWE Legend Legitimately Clashed Against Vince McMahon Behind Cameras During Their First Meeting

Published 04/13/2023, 3:30 PM EDT

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Before making WWE a global phenomenon, Vince McMahon worked as an announcer under his father’s leadership. At the time of the territory era, McMahon met and interviewed several new wrestlers his father brought to the company. However, the boss of WWE seemed to have a hard time when he met a 74-year-old legend.

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Sgt. Slaughter recently recalled the story of him meeting McMahon for the first time and the narrative will amaze many.

Vince McMahon and Sgt. Slaughter’s first meeting was a memorable one


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Recently the WWE Hall of Famer appeared on Busted Open to talk about entrance music. Slaughter was the first star to have entrance music in WWE, and while talking about that he recalled meeting Vince McMahon.

Slaughter’s first segment in WWE was an interview with Mr.McMahon. Before that, they had never interacted, but it can be said their first encounter was hard on the Vinnie Mac.


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Slaughter said, “And pretty soon by the time I got to Vince Vincent Kennedy, people were coming over the railing yelling at me, ‘Who you calling a maggot’ and this and that. So finally I turn the corner and there’s Vincent Kennedy. And he goes, ‘Well, look what we have here’ and I shut him right down.”

The former WWE Champion added, “I went shut your mouth who gave you permission to speak? And we’ve never met each other. And if anybody knows me, I spit all over the place because I have no, I have no bite. So I was showering him with that.”

Nevertheless, Slaughter went on to have a memorable career in WWE. The highlight of his career was winning the WWE Championship and also got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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He also was a part of the Attitude Era by being a part onscreen authority figure and also had a program with DX in its initial days.

Sgt. Slaughter also smoked around Mr. McMahon


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Vinnie-Mac isn’t a fan of people smoking around him. In the same interview, Slaughter recalled smoking around McMahon backstage which the boss didn’t like.

He said, “So I had my cigar and I said, ‘Oh, what the hell’, I’ll put an exclamation point on it. So I take a big drag on my cigar and I turned it on right below his face. And as anybody knows, of course, Vince hates smoke. And he started turning colors. I mean, he was shaking, he was bad.”


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It seems Slaughter and McMahon unknowingly had a rough start, but they came on the same page later. What are your thoughts on this story? Share your opinion below.

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