“I Whooped Brock Lesnar” – Every Insult Roman Reigns Threw at the ‘Beast Incarnate’ on WWE SmackDown

Published 10/23/2021, 12:02 AM EDT

Roman Reigns kicked off SmackDown: October 22nd, 2021. Everything The Tribal Chief said was directed towards Brock Lesnar, and they were all insults.


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Well, not all were directed towards Lesnar, Reigns took some indirect shots at Paul Heyman as well. However, the ones he threw at The Beast really stood out.


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First, Reigns pointed out that Lesnar said something following Crown Jewel 2021, but ensured to address himself as The Tribal Chief.

“He said something to his Tribal Chief, didn’t he?”

Second, The Universal Champion took a shot at Lesnar claiming he will beat Reigns senseless on SmackDown.

“Man, I whooped Brock Lesnar so bad, he’s tweeting now. Good god.”

Third, The Tribal Chief acknowledged Brock Lesnar’s words following Crown Jewel 2021 defeat, and invited him to the ring. However, he claimed it would be The Beast who was at the receiving end of a smashing.

“Do you want to see Brock Lesnar tonight? Me too. Cause, I don’t mind smashing him two nights in a row.”

In fact, he asked the audience the same.

“Wichita, would you like to see me whoop Brock Lesnar’s a** tonight?”

Fourth, when Lesnar did not come out after Roman Reigns’ initial invitation, The Head of the Table exclaimed The Beast must be scared.

“Brock Lesnar must be scared of me. I’m not leaving this ring until Brock Lesnar comes out here.”

Fifth, when he still didn’t show, The Tribal Chief responded to the audience wanting Lesnar’s presence.

“So do I. But, Brock don’t want me. Cause, he’s scared of me. I told you this.”


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However, right after this, The Beast came out.

Roman Reigns provoked Brock Lesnar beyond imagination

When The Beast finally came out to the ring, he caused complete havoc.


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Lesnar first attacked Roman Reigns, and pushed him off the rope to ringside. After smashing him couple of times, The Beast prepared to smash him through the announcers’ table but The Usos arrived.


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Brock Lesnar took down The Usos and threw them over the barricade. Following that, he attacked a cameraman, destroyed an expensive camera, attacked WWE officials, other Superstars, and he even F5’d Adam Pearce after Pearce suspended him.

It’s unknown if the suspension will stick. If it does, what’s next for the Reigns-Lesnar saga?



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