“I Won’t Stay Quiet”: Dwayne Johnson Confirms He’s Turned Heel, Attacks Journalist for Fake News From WrestleMania 40 Kickoff

Published 02/11/2024, 2:36 AM EST

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Dwayne Johnson is a man of calm and patience. He usually destroys his opponents with either sarcasm or an electrifying Rock Bottom. However, The Brahma Bull recently became furious and lashed out at a journalist spreading fake news about him. The reason? The journalist played the Maui card, which triggered The Rock.

Dwayne Johnson is currently getting booed left, right, and center because of his new antics as a TKO Board Member. However, a journalist chose to launch a personal attack on The Rock on social media. He posted a video and attached a fabricated element to it. In fact, he even said that Johnson didn’t help the people of Hawaii at all.

Dwayne Johnson slams a reporter for spreading false news


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The footage was posted on X by journalist Nick Sortot with the caption, “CROWD IN VEGAS BOOs “THE ROCK” DEMANDING HE FOLLOW THROUGH WITH AID FOR MAUI Oprah and Dwayne @TheRock Johnson promised TENS OF MILLIONS to the victims of the Maui fires, but many victims still have not seen a dime.” He further said that Dwayne Johnson plays favorites when it comes to his audience. Infuriated by this, Dwayne Johnson responded by saying, “I typically refrain from responding to toxic, false clickbait garbage like this because I hate dignifying bullshit with a response, but when you use Hawaii’s tragic events to draw attention to yourself I won’t stay quiet.” 

This was followed by quoting the statistics of his fundraiser that helped the people devastated by the Maui fires.


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Dwayne Johnson wrote, “Our People’s Fund of Maui has already DELIVERED over $50 MILLION DOLLARS to over 8,000 survivors who were affected by the fires, and I’m grateful to the bone that we’ve been the primary funders.” The Rock apologized for disgracing his people by responding to such a toxic post. What are your thoughts on this? Let them flow in the comments.


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