“I’d Look Good in One”: Setting Aside Past Heat, WWE Hall of Famer Endorses CM Punk’s WWE Merchandise

Published 12/18/2023, 9:30 PM EST

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CM Punk has been a recurring theme of interest in the WWE Universe for the last few days. From building up heat around his esteemed return at the Stamford-based company following a humiliating AEW removal to finally entering the company ring through a groundbreaking Survivor Series segment, Punk just didn’t let the crowd take their eyes off him. But if that hype also means taking his so-called haters in his favor, it also forces us to be heedful.

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And that happened to be the case as Punk’s vocal critique started to sing to the tune of the Chicago-based star in his recent references.

Eric Bischoff heavily favored CM Punk in his recent tweet


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Bischoff didn’t hesitate to put Punk in his place in the past at all. He even labeled him as a financial flop and an average talent for Tony Khan’s promotion. Moreover, the social media beef between the two generational stars took the internet to the storm last year.

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CM Punk Tears Apart WWE and Vince McMahon During AEW Debut on Rampage

But now, in light of recent developments, it seems like Bischoff has been happy to hold the former WWE Champion in high regard. In his recent tweet, the WWE Hall of Famer promoted the new CM Punk merchandise, prompting fans to get one for them at the soonest.

He wrote, ‘‘I’d look good in one and you know it.

So, did Punk turn his past big critic into his current big mouthpiece? Time will unveil the details better.

Eric Bischoff predicted a massive  character shift for CM Punk in WWE

Also, Bischoff foresaw a major prospect in Punk in his renewed tenure in the Stamford-based company.

CM Punk has been a massive point of discussion in the WWE world for the last couple of days. His staggering return caught everyone off guard and established him in a heroic grandeur to the fans and most oddly to the haters as well.

When it comes to Punk’s haters, Eric Bischoff came among the top.

He lambasted Punk AEW run in the past but in the case of WWE, Bischoff thinks differently.

He believes The Devil is going to be a jackpot for Vince McMahon’s promotion. He noted that the Punk in AEW and the Punk in WWE are completely two different entities in terms of approaches, abilities, and everything in between.


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On the latest episode of ‘Strictly Business’, the Hall of Famer noted, ”The CM Punk that I saw when he first showed up in AEW, and the CM Punk I saw when he showed up in WWE. Two different people, two different shows, two different businesses. Two different approaches to the product. One would not draw a dime or increase television revenues — which was true. It was true and accurate. And one, as of right now, two different situations completely.”

We need to see if Bischoff’s prediction comes out true for the Second City Saint in the future or not.


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What’s your take on Eric Bischoff promoting CM Punk merchandise? Let us know in the comments.



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