The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes is currently all the rage in the WWE Universe. The WWE Superstar has risen to the spotlight due to his appeal and technique. Most recently, his official documentary is making all the buzz amongst pro wrestling fans. Cody Rhodes has had a dynamic pro wrestling career. However, his ties are not just linked to the WWE but the AEW as well.

The more one delves into the life of Cody Rhodes, the more content they find on AEW. While these revelations were initially subtle, they now blow up like a chain of land mines. While he was at AEW, Rhodes had a loyal companion in the name of Arn Anderson. Anderson and Rhodes share a strong bond and history with each other. The relationship between them is so strong that Cody considers Anderson as one of his own.

Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson: brothers from different mothers


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Cody Rhodes had joined the AEW along with his wife, Brandi Rhodes. Along with wrestling, he also took up production and executive roles. He worked with several other wrestlers during this time, including Arn Anderson. Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson share a great bond with each other. In the brief time Rhodes had worked for the AEW, he formed an ironclad partnership with Anderson. 


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Recently, in an interview with FanNation, Cody Rhodes expressed his wish to do more for Arn and Dustin. Cody recently expressed his desire for Dustin Rhodes, his brother, also known as Goldust while in WWE, to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

In fact, he also revealed a few days ago that he wished to enlist Anderson for the Hall of Fame in WWE. Cody had a very successful run at the AEW, especially because Anderson was there with him to always help him out. 

He said, “To induct him in the Hall of Fame, which is so well deserved on his part–and Arn Anderson. Arn is blood in his own way. I’d love to do more with Dustin and Arn.”

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Along with that, Rhodes also said he wishes to do more for another brother Arn. Anderson assisted Cody in winning several matches. The 64-year-old also worked as the head coach and personal advisor of Cody Rhodes later on.


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Giving it back to Anderson

Arn Anderson and Cody have a very strong magnetism with each other. While Cody had entered the AEW and made his exit from it along with his wife, Brandi, he had the best moments of his AEW career with Anderson. Anderson even made his son, Brock, fight his debut match in the presence of Cody.

While a lot of AEW links of Cody Rhodes keep popping up, this one is undeniably the largest chunk of it. His recent announcement to go out and do more for him, alongside the mention of his blood-brother Dustin Rhodes, says volumes about how close they are. 


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