The WWE knew they were in for a treat after seeing Seth Rollins’ viral reaction to CM Punk’s return. WWE exceeded fans’ expectations by creating a slow build towards the inevitable faceoff. After throwing shade at each other multiple times, Punk continued his verbal tiff with his latest dig at the World Heavyweight champion.

Punk has been known to say outlandish things, and this could be one of those lines to get under the skin of Rollins.

CM Punk credits himself for Seth Rollins’ success


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While on the WWE Preview Special 2024, CM Punk talked about many things. He began with his Survivor Series return and his current second run in the company. He also touched upon Rollins and their feud. The Chicago-based star had some select words for Rollins.

He said, “He’s a dude that I don’t think would have gotten the opportunities that he has gotten if it wasn’t for me.” WWE fans who saw the SHIELD’s debut on the main roster should remember that Punk hired them to protect him. This could be why Punk wants to credit himself for Rollins’ success.


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Did you know that Rollins and Punk tag teamed up in NXT on August 23, 2012, and won at a house show? The two would face off against each other just a year later on RAW. It was the December 30th 2013, episode where Punk would emerge victorious.


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Punk also added, “I viewed Seth as somebody who was following in my footsteps.” Punk has been someone that many in the pro wrestling business credit as an inspiration to their work.

How Punk shaped the wrestling world

Punk has always been a wrestler who never shied away from controversial topics. He would delve into his bag of tricks for the 2009 Straight Edge persona. This would result in his most memorable feud with Jeff Hardy.


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While many wrestling fans remember the pipebomb promo that he dropped on John Cena. During this, he went on to mention Dwayne Johnson and how the WWE cared only for those who are massive draws. Til that point, no one in the wrestling business had ever done a promo like that. This elevated him from mid-carder to ‘The Best in The World’ status.

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