Taylor Swift has always been a hot topic of discussion in both the musical and non-musical world. The renowned pop star’s overall star power sometimes goes beyond her singing prowess, something that’s relevant in the case of one WWE legend.

The WWE Hall of Famer has a very unique take on Taylor Swift. He claims to be a Swiftie, (the term her wide fanbase is known by) but he is not someone that you usually envision for a typical Taylor Swift fan.

Mick Foley revealed his one-off view on pop icon Taylor Swift 


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Swift’s music gained huge traction all over the world, and the WWE world isn’t an exception. There are many wrestling moguls like Gangrel and Jeff Jarrett who have openly sung praise to the charismatic pop star and admired her talent downright. Mick Foley is the latest one to join them but in an unusual manner.

The WWE Hall of Famer recently expressed his view about the pop-music sensation and it’s interesting. Lauding her facial expressions, the WCW legend noted, ‘‘Can you become a Swiftie without actually being a fan of Taylor Swift’s music, if that’s possible she has won me over just with her like you know, we prize facial expressions in the wrestling business and these are all candid shots it’s not like she’s at a photo session, every facial expression is a winner and I think she just brings a real positivity just makes me laugh.

But when it comes to her excellence in music, Foley stated, ”I don’t dislike her music but I certainly wouldn’t label myself a fan”.

Recalling a memory of Swift from a concert where his son played drums, Foley mentioned one of the hilarious messes Swift made by forgetting the lyrics in between. However, Foley still deems her an extremely jovial and positive person for how she handled the situation.

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“I just enjoyed seeing how much fun she had at that game and just I’ve always thought she was a real positive person and so I am a Swiftie without actually being a Taylor Swift fan if that makes any sense”, he concluded.

Taylor Swift also had a significant exchange with WWE star Becky Lynch to the point of fans anticipating one real showdown between them.

Becky Lynch once had a petty beef  with Taylor Swift over social media

The Man once playfully called out the global pop icon for stealing her moniker. Becky Lynch has been a force to reckon with in the squared circle and on social media platforms.

When Taylor Swift promoted her song ‘The Man’ on Twitter, captioning it, ”When you’re pretttttty sure that if you were a man, you’d be the man,” it didn’t sit well with the WWE Grand Slam Champion. She took cheeky jibes at her afterward by mimicking her words and accusing her of copying her.


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While the singer didn’t respond, fans would love to see a real wrestling brawl between two of the greatest women figures hailing from two different worlds.


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What’s your take on Mick Foley’s unique take on being a Swiftie?

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