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“If You Move, I Will Knock You Out”: While Showing Off His Learnings From Jackie Chan, John Cena Issued a Chilling Warning to $60 Million American TV Personality

Published 06/07/2023, 11:00 AM EDT

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Right after filming an action thriller movie alongside renowned action hero Jackie Chan in China, John Cena was back in America for the promotion of his new children’s book Elbow Grease in 2018. He appeared on NBC’s The Tonight Show and visited Jimmy Fallon.

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The duo had a fruitful discussion over a wide range of topics, including his brand-new hairstyle and a victorious WWE comeback. The 16-time world champion suddenly got pumped up to demonstrate his new finisher move on air. The Cenation Leader wasn’t content by only boasting about it, he rather sold this on the $60 million TV star who surrendered to him by laying down at the end.

John Cena once knocked out Jimmy Fallon with his new finisher move


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Cena unleashed his new maneuver at a non-televised event in Shanghai during a six-man tag team match alongside Bobby Lashley and Finn Balor in the same year. That back-fist to the face move startled the entire WWE world just by its first look. Explaining the origin of that move, the Peacemaker star revealed that he learned this from martial arts legend and action-comedy king Jackie Chan while filming their unreleased Project X traction movie.

The former world heavyweight champion referred to his 16 years tenure in WWE to point out why it was essential to add a sixth move to the already existing list of five moves of doom.


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Cena, therefore, ordered an uninterested Fallon to get on his feet as he was about to try the lightning fist on him in a comedic fashion. Fallon hesitantly followed the order while Cena went on saying, ”Stand up. You got’em, Jimmy. Stay right there. Don’t move at all. I have tremendous accuracy with this deadly maneuver. But if you move, I will knock you out. I am a good guy with a weather machine so I have the power of lighting”

Fallon almost came close to a great sale but ended up laying down on the sofa.

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Moving ahead, Cena’s close association with Jimmy Fallon not only helped him in the form of a WWE finisher move but also learned him a valuable lesson for life.

The innovator of the aforementioned move changed Cena’s life in numerous ways

The WWE legend had to fly to China to team up with his co-actor Jackie Chan for the movie Snafu. But initially, Cena had a rough deal there, with Chan being extra strict and rigid to him with a tight gym and Yoga schedule. He rapidly lost 20 pounds and felt awkwardly weak afterward.


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Cena noted in a past interview that he was pushed beyond his capacity for months. It was so tough for him that it led him to the verge of depression.

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However, the $80 million superstar later realized that rigorous training with Chan is a life-changing experience for him despite being a bit painful. He gradually went on being stronger day by day. His increased resilience later helped him in his iconic WWE run and also taught him to deal with a lot of things in life.

However, after postponing for nearly 5 years, the movie pairing Cena and Chan is about to release soon with a different name, The Hidden Strike.


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What’s your take on John Cena trying a fatal signature move on Jimmy Fallon in a hilarious segment? Let us know in the comments.



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