“I’m Begging You”- AEW President Tony Khan Open to Working With WWE, Invites Them to Jacksonville

February 17, 2021 5:30 pm

After opening the forbidden door in professional wrestling, Tony Khan might be aiming for something very ambitious. Establishing working relationships with IMPACT and now NJPW, the AEW President is looking at a bigger fish. Khan has claimed that he is open to a working relationship with the WWE.

Tony Khan is open to working with WWE

At New Year’s Smash, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson showed up on AEW Dynamite. This was a massive moment, as it was the first cross-promotional appearance on AEW. A couple of weeks later, at AEW Beach Break, NJPW’s Kenta showed up to attack Jon Moxley.

By creating these working relationships, Tony Khan is expanding his hold over the wrestling industry. With two major promotions collaborating with the Jacksonville-based company, he is now aiming to bring WWE on board.

In an interview with Wrestle Fetish, Khan commented on the possibility of an AEW-WWE relationship. “They are more than welcome. As I’ve said before, the forbidden door is open anytime. Just come and knock. If they were to knock on the door, I would certainly be willing to let them in.”

Khan even agreed to have WWE invade AEW, similar to DX’s invasion of WCW Nitro. “Eric [Bischoff] wanted them [WWE] to come inside, so I’m willing to do the same. Come in, please. I would love that. Come to Jacksonville, I’m begging you.” (H/T Wrestlinginc)

AEW vs WWE dream matches

If Vince McMahon agrees to work with the WWE’s biggest competitor, there will be a few dream match scenarios.

Right off the bat, AJ Styles vs Kenny Omega is a match that can headline WrestleMania, the Tokyo Dome, Madison Square Garden, and even Wembley Stadium. Styles and Omega have never clashed before, making this first-time clash one to not miss. Two athletes with similar styles and similar backgrounds led the same faction in Japan, adding some deeper layers to this clash.

We got the Young Bucks vs The Revival at AEW Full Gear, but a match against WWE’s best tag team would be better. The Usos haven’t teamed together since Jimmy Uso suffered an injury. A fit Jimmy Uso, and with Jey Uso firing on all cylinders, would generate a classic tag team affair with the current AEW Tag Team Champions.

Roman Reigns and Jon Moxley are individual faces of their respective companies. The former is the dominant heel champion, and the latter was AEW’s top babyface in 2020. Reigns vs Moxley has so much more behind it, as compared to their previous clashes in WWE. If an AEW-WWE PPV is booked, Reigns vs Moxley would be a worthy main event.

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