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“I’m Coming for Blood” – WWE Superstars Get into a Nasty Altercation

“I’m Coming for Blood” – WWE Superstars Get into a Nasty Altercation

WWE Superstar Lacey Evans

You know what the fans of the WWE universe absolutely cherish? It’s a great Twitter feud between two Superstars. Recently, Naomi (Trinity Fatu) and Lacey Evans got into one and it actually starts with a rather below-the-belt attack from Naomi.

WWE Superstars Naomi and Lacey Evans begin a Twitter feud

So, Andreas Hale posted a GIF of a disfigured face referring to the UFC fight between Rodriguez and Carla. To this, Naomi responded saying – “Maybe it’s just me but I thought this was @LaceyEvansWWE”.

If we view it from a neutral point of view, then maybe this was not required. However, as fans, we know that this Twitter feud might be setting up the match for Friday.

Now, Lacey Evans obviously will not hold back if a rival makes a derogatory statement about her.

Evans responded to Naomi by saying that she is coming for all her wig, teeth, and blood. Well, this is aggressive but from an unbiased view, it is justified.

There is no way a Superstar will calmly tolerate it if a rival compares them with Sloth from The Goonies.

“That’s it ya nasty…..I’m coming for blood…. Wig. And all your teeth. and i wont apologize to your “fans” who think what you tweeted is funny. #NothingButNasties

Yall wanted a reason to feel sorry for her. THE REASON IS COMING FRIDAYYYYYYYYY. #NaomiDeservesNothing.”

Do you think Naomi backed off? No, she did not. I mean, Lacey Evans went to the point of including Naomi’s fans so she had to take a stand for her fans.

“braids are not a wig sis. my teeth are strong as steel. my fans don’e want or need a stank apology from you.”

Keeping this feud in mind, it is expected that the match between the two WWE Superstars will be quite interesting.

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Source: Naomi Twitter

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