“I’m The Greatest Wrestler of All Time” – Sasha Banks Makes a Bold Statement to WWE Universe

November 18, 2020 8:36 pm

In an interview, Sasha Banks claimed that she is the best and the greatest wrestler of all time.

Recently, Banks defeated Bayley at Hell in a Cell 2020 to secure the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship title. According to her, this is the highest a Superstar can reach within WWE.

“Being the SmackDown Women’s Champion, that means I am completely the best. I always say ‘I’m the best.’ I really know 100% that I am the greatest wrestler of all time, but I have so many new competitors.”

Her notion that she will face new competitors along the way is not incorrect. Returning Superstar, Carmella, has already attacked Banks while ‘The Boss’ was in the middle of a segment. It is explicitly clear that eventually Sasha Banks and Carmella will encounter each other in the ring at a massive showdown.

“I look forward to facing so many fresh faces, so many new matchups, and it really lets me go to sleep dreaming of excitement for every Friday night knowing what I’m going to have.”

Is Bayley truly out of the picture?

Banks should not disregard the possibility of an old rival helping a new rival.

In a recent episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Banks called out Carmella. However, it was Bayley who came out to the ramp which had her distracted for a moment.

Carmella used that moment and mauled ‘The Boss’.

Now, whether it was a planned move between Bayley and Carmella or the latter capitalizing on an opportunity is yet to be revealed.

The popular opinion is that this is a classic case of – ‘my rival’s rival is my friend’.

Sasha Banks is a popular Superstar

Sasha Banks has been gaining popularity from her first day. Her fans have put her on a pedestal and she doesn’t intend to come down from there.

The reason she has gathered a huge fan following is because of her aura. Her character is eye-catching and delivers segments to perfection. She has outdone herself every time she stepped inside the ring, whether it was to deliver an opponent’s move or to have her own way.

Currently, Sasha Banks is scheduled for a fight against WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Asuka, at the upcoming Survivor Series.

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