Pro wrestling is often deemed ‘fake’ for being scripted, but those who defend the sport claim that since the injuries and risks involved during wrestling are indeed ‘real’, it shouldn’t be classified as a fake combat sport. For the most part, wrestlers hold themselves back from delivering violent blows to their opponent like punches and kicks. According to Bret Hart, that is the whole point of pro wrestling.

However, there are also athletes who don’t hold back their strikes when they are in a wrestling ring with an opponent. Bret Hart claims that these types of people don’t belong to the sport, including the legendary Bill Goldberg.

Former five-time WWE Champ believes wrestlers should hold back


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Being an in-ring legend, Hart must already be aware of the risks involved in the sport. However, he stands with the fact that blows like punches, kicks, chopping, and so on shouldn’t connect with your opponent while performing.

Talking to Fox Sports recently, Bret Hart spoke about one thing he was popular for, bringing ‘realism’ to the squared circle. While giving his opinion on the same, The Hitman also made an important point so that wrestling fans don’t get confused.

In my understanding of pro wrestling, anytime anyone does anything to you that hurts, for real – chopping, putting blisters on your chest when you go to your room or bed, anytime anyone does things to you for real, they’re in the wrong business. They’re doing it wrong. Because you’re not supposed to get hurt,” said the WWE legend. In the end, Hart namedropped another former wrestler by adding, “That’s Bill Goldberg wrestling. That’s not how it’s done.

Although Bill Goldberg is considered a legend in the field, Hart doesn’t like the methods that he employs to bring realism to the table.

While Hart confessed what he didn’t like about Goldberg’s wrestling, Matt Riddle once revealed that Goldberg also had his own sets of boundaries while feuding with another in-ring talent.

Matt Riddle remembers what fueled his feud with Goldberg


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Released WWE star, Matt Riddle featured in an interview a few weeks ago. During the interview, the former WWE talent pointed out how his MMA background didn’t help him at all when he stepped into the wrestling industry. Most of all, this got Riddle into various conflicts with his co-workers, including Goldberg.

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This was because the 57-year-old didn’t like Riddle’s trash-talk game. Since this aspect of MMA is usually as brutal as the sport itself, wrestlers usually took it very personally. This also resulted in him having some real-life heat with Bill Goldberg.


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What do you think about what Bret Hart had to say about his former colleague?

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