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Is Dwayne Johnson’s Clout in Showbiz Going to Lead Him to Presidency? WWE Legend Opines

Published 11/21/2023, 6:00 AM EST

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In the most recent buzz, Dwayne Johnson’s remarks regarding his potential presidential candidacy on the Joe Rogan Podcast gained a lot of attention. The Great One had earlier admitted his interest in entering politics. Moreover, during the podcast episode, he revealed that some political parties approached him to stand as a candidate for the presidency. Nevertheless, fans responded positively as they outlined their desire to see The Rock sit at the helm of the country.

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Eric Bischoff, the former general manager of WWE, recently shared his opinion on the biggest decision Johnson may make. According to his remarks, he wouldn’t be surprised to see American voters choose Johnson for office. Now let’s review his statements.

What did Eric Bischoff say about a potential Dwayne Johnson presidency?


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Eric Bischoff recently spoke about Dwayne Johnson and his decision to run for president on the Strictly Business podcast. Revealing his thoughts, he said, “News and media has all become infotainment, and the entertainment part of infotainment, it’s all designed to make you feel, and usually it’s angry or fearful.

He further used the context of pro wrestling and said, “They’ve got a heel for their audience, they got their babyface, they know what they’re gonna argue about, they know what the finish is gonna be.” And he concluded by saying “At the very end of it, I said, ‘Don’t be surprised if someday you’re voting for a professional wrestler,”


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Bischoff thinks that the prospect of a wrestler becoming the President of the United States holds legitimacy. Interestingly, he also cited the example of Abraham Lincoln, who amassed considerable experience as a wrestler before assuming office. For many, it’s just a matter of time. However, for a guy like Dwayne Johnson, the prospect of a presidential run holds significant weight on his shoulders. But is the Hollywood star ready to dedicate all his efforts to run for president? He answered the question on the Joe Rogan podcast


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Is Johnson willing to run for President?

Dwayne Johnson has surely been one of the most famous entities around the globe. Maybe the fame he has amassed convinced political parties to urge him to enter politics and eventually run for president. Well, Johnson also revealed that both Democrats and Republicans approached him with this offer at the end of 2022. But he rejected it since he wanted to spend time with his family. Moreover, the Hollywood star even told interested parties that politics didn’t interest him.

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However, those who want to see him run for president should not be disappointed, as Johnson recently revealed on The Tonight Show that he could consider that in the future and could possibly get into politics if people want him to do so. Now, will he really deal with what he has never done before? It will indeed be a matter of intense scrutiny. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


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