Is Nia Jax Really Australian? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Published 02/23/2024, 12:05 PM EST

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Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping showdown at the Elimination Chamber: Perth Premium Live Event as Nia Jax, one of WWE’s elite superstars, steps into the ring. But this time, it’s not just any match – she’s set to clash with a hometown hero from Australia, adding an extra layer of excitement to the spectacle. 

Surprisingly, Nia’s opponent, Rhea Ripley, shares more similarities with her than meets the eye. Social media was sent into a frenzy when Nia claimed to be from Australia just like Ripley which made fans beg the question- do they both really hail from the same hometown?

Is Nia Jax Australian or Samoan? 


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Many WWE fans are aware of the fact that Nia Jax is cousins with The Rock. However, in a surprising turn of events today at the Live Press Conference for Elimination Chamber an interesting fact about Nia came up. In a segment of the WWE Women’s Champion conference when Nia Jax came out she was intensely booed down by the Aussie fans. The hometown of Rhea Ripley was not happy when Jax entered and started speaking.


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To this, Nia Jax gave a very astonishing reply to the fans. She said, “You know, I was actually born here in Australia… I’m grateful. I’m grateful my parents left this wasteland!” Born on May 29, 1984, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Nia Jax boasts a diverse heritage of Samoan descent. 

Though her Australian heritage is less recognized than her Samoan roots, it still holds a significant place in her identity. Nia Jax questioned WWE’s claim that Ripley was the first-ever female Australian Champion. While Nia won the RAW Women’s Championship in 2018, Rhea became the Women’s World Champion in 2023, sparking a debate over their achievements.

While Jax has previously expressed pride in her Australian heritage, the sentiment took a different turn during the Elimination Chamber press event. Reflecting on her upbringing, she remarked with gratitude that her parents departed the Australian homeland she referred to as a “wasteland.”

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Did you know that despite being born in Australia and of Samoan descent, she is also half German?

Nia Jax is half German and half Samoan


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Savelina Fanene also popularly known as Nia Jax made her WWE debut in 2014. She has won many intense matches since her debut and made her name popular. However, are you know aware of both sides of her heritage?  Jax is half Samoan and half German. Surprisingly, Nia Jax was born in Sydney, Australia. Her father Joseph Fanene is of Samoan heritage. While her mother is from Germany. Her mom’s name is Renate Fanene

This adds a fascinating mix to her lineage. Her cousins are Dwayne Johnson, Roman Reigns, and The Usos, and her uncle is Peter Mavia. She has followed in their footsteps and joined WWE. Now will she make her Bloodline proud by defeating Ripley in the Elimination Chamber? Only time will tell. 


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What do you think about her mixed heritage? Let us know in the comment down below. 


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