The Undertaker changed the landscape of the pro-wrestling business, much like Andre The Giant did in the 70s. The Phenom has ruled over the industry for over three decades and has proven that the wrestling scene would have been different if he never laced up a pair of boots.

Now, the Deadman is happily retired from the industry after he had a stellar performance against AJ Styles in the first-ever ‘Boneyard Match’ at WrestleMania 37.


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Although he is retired, his absence hasn’t come without a slew of physical problems. So, is the beloved Deadman having health issues? Let’s find out.

In a prolonged career that spans over 30 years, there are some injuries that are bound to happen. Additionally, with the size and weight of an athlete like The Undertaker, there have been some setbacks.

The Undertaker vs Kane during Wrestle Mania XX at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by KMazur/WireImage)

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One of the latest updates on Undertaker’s health came when the former champion confessed a few months back that he has multiple surgeries lined up and it is getting difficult for him to move.

Does The Undertaker have health issues?

Speaking with ‘Norm and D Invasion’ on The Ticket Sports Radio earlier this year, The Phenom provided an update on his heath. He confessed that he has multiple surgeries lined up, and the priority was his hips and knees.

“Well, so I have both my hips are partial hip replacements already. I need a right knee and so, I have surgeries lined up. I gotta wait until hunting season’s over,” said Undertaker. [h/t: POST Wrestling]

One of The Undertaker’s moves that led to numerous injuries was the Tombstone Piledriver. ‘Taker admits that both his knees may need to be replaced because of the move.

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In April of this year, the former world champion talked to Dr. Michael K. Ryan and confessed that each morning is like waking up with a new injury in his body and it takes more time to do basic things.


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He further confessed that it was getting difficult for him to get out of bed and sometimes he might even have to take help from someone just to get out of the bed.

Of course, when you wrestle for over three decades, your body gets more prone to injury. However, The Undertaker always ensured that the WWE Universe always got what they came to see.


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Currently, the legendary wrestler is enjoying a well-earned retirement with his wife and daughters.

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