The return of Dwayne Johnson would be a welcome and heartening sight for wrestling fans. With each passing year, there is renewed hope for The Great One’s return. However, The WWE Universe ends up disappointed. With SummerSlam only a couple of days away, WWE has dropped a teaser alluding to the potential return of The Rock. Naturally, the fans are excited but fear another letdown. 

WWE posted a compilation video of several WWE stars performing the iconic People’s Elbow on their Instagram account. Although none of them come close to The Rock’s People’s elbow, it is fun to see them put their own spin on the move. The video has gotten the WWE Universe’s hopes up.

Did WWE tease Dwayne Johnson’s return at SummerSlam?


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Dwayne Johnson was heavily rumored to make his return at the 2023 Royal Rumble. Even the official poster of the event subtly hinted at his “electrifying” return. However, fans did not see any sign of The Rock that night. Subsequently, The WWE Universe was almost convinced that he would make his return at WrestleMania 39, as his potential feud with Roman Reigns was buzzing on the internet.


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However, it was later reported that Johnson could not get in ring shape. Hence, fans were disheartened once again. But now, WWE has been teasing the return of The Brahma Bull for the last couple of weeks by having Grayson Waller throw barbs at him relentlessly. At one point, Waller even sparked a reaction from Johnson by making fun of the former WWE Champion’s debut outfit from 1996. 

In response, Johnson called Waller an “Outback Jackoff” on Twitter. But that wasn’t enough to silence him. Waller, most recently, took a page out of The Rock’s book and attempted to deliver The People’s Elbow at Jey Uso. After running the ropes, Waller did a couple of jumping lunges before dropping his elbow but found nobody home. 

By the looks of it, it’s conspicuous that WWE is trying to hype The Hollywood mogul’s much-awaited return. In any case, their new compilation video foreshadows The Rock’s possible appearance at SummerSlam.

The Biggest Party of The Summer would be better with the presence of The Rock

In the video, stars such as Grayson Waller, Ric Flair, Jey Uso, and Snoop Dogg are seen dropping the legendary People Elbow. At this point, all signs point toward his possible return, but it could be a trick as well. 

Dwayne Johnson’s last appearance on WWE TV came in 2019. The People’s Champ made his return to celebrate the 20th anniversary of SmackDown. He even worked in tandem with Becky Lynch to lay the smackdown on Baron Corbin. Sooner or later, The Rock is going to have to take Grayson Waller the same route. Meanwhile, let’s look at how the fans reacted to the video.


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  • “Yep he’s showing up at summer slam.”
  • “They keep teasing the hell out of The Rock coming back”
  • “Grayson waller vs the rock at summerslam.”
  • “The rock is coming back at summerslam. Too many posts lately which indicates that WWE is trying to tease something. You just need to smell what the rock is cooking”
  • “If rock doesn’t return thats wwe’s biggest letdown since survivor series 2021”

Nevertheless, we will have to wait and see if the wrestling legend takes some time out of of busy schedule to work an impromptu match at SummerSlam.


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