“It Was All Weird” – WWE Superstar Reveals The Embarrassing Story of His First Meeting With Shane McMahon

Published 06/25/2021, 8:00 AM EDT

In the world of professional wrestling, first impressions can be do or die for wrestlers. For instance, WWE Superstar Mansoor made quite the first impression on his first interaction with none other than Shane McMahon.


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For those who are still unaware, Mansoor is WWE’s first-ever Saudi Arabian-born WWE Superstar. He moved to America when he was 11 and trained for pro-wrestling but was selected for WWE in Saudi Arabia.


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Keeping this in mind, it is indeed surprising that he met Shane McMahon after he used the latter’s personal bathroom. The25-year-old revealed the hilarious story in an interview with Alex McCarthy of TalkSport.

Although he was not a part of the Greatest Royal Rumble event of 2018, he got featured in a backstage segment. Since then, Mansoor knew the wrestlers’ bathroom was down the hall.

“We were sharing that (the locker room) and they were like ‘OK, you’re going to go to that bathroom down there, alright?’ down the hall. That’s what we used, that’s what all the boys used.”


Next year, WWE was back in the same place for the Super ShowDown 2019, and Mansoor competed in the 51-man battle royal. Hence, he thought that nothing had changed.

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Mansoor met Shane McMahon after accidentally going number two in his dressing room

Mansoor walked into the toilet, relieved himself, and came out. But upon coming out, he was shocked to his core. He came back to the small adjacent locker room and saw Shane McMahon unpacking his bags.

“I see him there and he’s got his bags out. I’m like ‘hey… hey, how’s it going?’ and he looks at me with the most confused face and says ‘hey, man.’ Then I’m looking at my hands like oh, I can’t shake his hand! Obviously.”

So he washed his hands, and they exchanged pleasantries after knowing each other’s names. Then, Mansoor walked out and was petrified to learn what was going on.

“I totally bungled that interaction. I didn’t shake his hand, and I wasn’t respectful, and it was all weird,” he confessed. “And then I realized, I went back and looked on the side of the door and there’s a piece of paper that says Shane McMahon’s locker room. I’m like ‘Oh nooooo.’ I just took a dump in Shane McMahon’s locker room!”


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Shane was fighting Roman Reigns at the event and actually defeated him. Mansoor, on the other hand, won the Royal Rumble after last-eliminating Elias. After he went back, Shane actually came and congratulated him.

Mansoor had quite the start in WWE. He now performs on the RAW brand on Monday nights.


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