In the world of professional wrestling, words often fly as fast as fists in the ring. CM Punk’s recent altercation with Jack Perry at AEW All In PPV backstage led to his suspension and eventual termination by Tony Khan. In a statement, Khan explained his decision to fire Punk and terminate his contract. Khan’s choice of words, however, hasn’t gone down well with a few notable names in the pro wrestling community.

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo had some strong words for Tony Khan, the man behind All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Russo, known for his candid opinions, didn’t hold back when discussing Khan’s understanding of the wrestling business.

Vince Russo bashes Tony Khan over controversial statement


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Russo’s critique of Tony Kahn came in response to a statement made by Khan regarding the All In backstage incident. Khan claimed that his “life was in danger”, raising eyebrows and prompting concerns. In his typical candid style, Russo asked a series of thought-provoking questions.

He questioned whether Khan was suggesting that CM Punk had threatened him or his life. Vince said, “Did Tony Khan say his “LIFE WAS IN DANGER” at “All In”? Is he suggesting that CM Punk was threatening, or threatened his life?”

Russo even shared a personal anecdote about a past encounter in the wrestling world, highlighting the intense emotions and conflicts that can arise behind the scenes.

Russo reminisced about a time when the wrestling business was different. He seemed to suggest that Khan might have a skewed view of what wrestling is all about. He also added, “I don’t quite understand what TK thought the wrestling business was. Did he really think it was about his boyhood action figures coming to life to wait to see how 10-year-old Tony was going to “book” them today?”

Russo wondered if Khan truly believed that the wrestling world was akin to his childhood action figures coming to life.

Russo pointed out that in his era, backstage matters and disputes were typically kept within the confines of the locker room. Ruso further stated, “Dirt Sheet Marks were not getting fed by the Marks in the Ring because there WERE NO MARKS IN THE RING. But, oh yeah, it’s a different time.”

Russo’s closing statement captured the changing wrestling landscape. It happens with him emphasizing that times have indeed changed since his days.

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He’s not the only one critical of Tony Khan; a pro wrestling legend also didn’t mince words when criticizing Khan.

Jim Cornette’s biting response to Tony Khan’s CM Punk announcement 

Jim Cornette is a wrestling world veteran with a track record of managing and booking talent. He always shares his unfiltered opinions widely through his extensive podcasts.

AEW’s recent decision to release CM Punk and Tony Khan’s statement that he felt his life was in danger, Jim Cornette didn’t mince words in criticizing Khan’s dramatic statement on Twitter.


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Jim Cornette slammed Tony Khan’s statement regarding CM Punk’s actions, calling Khan overdramatic. Cornette took to Twitter/X, using strong language to express his disbelief, and created a hashtag in response to Khan’s words. The hashtag is “ScaredForHisLife.” 

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He highlighted his long experience in the business, emphasizing that he had never heard such a colossal amount of “f**kton of unadulterated bulls**t in my life” and in his career.

Do you agree with Tony Khan’s decision to fire Punk? Or do you think that Vince Russo and Cornette have a point? Let us in the comments below.