“It’s a Shame”: Vince McMahon’s Real Life Foe Takes a Dig at Dwayne Johnson’s $15M Worth Project

Published 03/19/2023, 8:00 AM EDT

Dwayne Johnson is always onto something new every year. In the year 2023, he surprised his fans by starting a new football league. Johnson bought XFL in mid-2020. Due to the pandemic, there was only little that could have been done with the new league. Ever since the worldwide curse was lifted, Johnson saw a path to utilize his latest investment.

In 2023, he came forward with a third reboot for the league. Due to its previously unstable nature, football promotion isn’t doing well in profit. This has given a lot of people a chance to talk ill of it. Starting with a former WWE star.

Former WWE star takes a dig at Dwayne Johnson’s XFL


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Ryback is one such former WWE wrestler who does not back away from involving himself in a controversy. Time and again fans have seen him dig his way into a topic and get involved in a bitter war with another celebrity. Now that he has decided to set his eyes on The Rock, what better way than to talk about his own sports league that is struggling with various issues right now?

In a recent tweet, Ryback wrote, “It’s a shame the XFL didn’t get Allegiant Stadium for the Vipers. Locals and visitors don’t want to go to Cashman Field for a very good reason with its location in the city. St. Louis did it right though.” As the promotion struggles to get through with their planned idea, the former wrestler took to Twitter to publicize the issue even more.


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This is not the only time that Ryback has attacked his former co-stars. Last year, in 2022, he publicly talked about Vince McMahon and his childhood in an aggressive tone.

Dwayne Johnson isn’t the only one attacked by the former WWE star


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In a deleted tweet, Vince McMahon was mentioned on Ryback’s Twitter account. The 41-year-old took a jab at his former boss. While talking about McMahon’s tendencies to control everyone, he also took a much more personal turn when he mentioned McMahon’s late mother. The attack went on to become much more personal and dark with the use of strong language that even triggered some fans.

Due to this controversy, he had to delete the tweet soon. Although Ryback then apologized publicly to McMahon, the damage was already done.


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Do you believe that Dwayne Johnson will also get an apology for the recent tweet? Or will the Silverback continue to make comments about him for a while?



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