“It’s a Spoiler”- Paul Heyman Warns the WWE Fans About the Next Brock Lesnar “Parker Boudreaux”

January 2, 2021 5:00 pm

Paul Heyman is riding high on a particular American Football Star, Parker Boudreaux. He has revealed no specific reason for this fixation; however, the popular notion is that Parker reminds him of wrestling legend, Brock Lesnar.

Parker Boudreaux posted a tweet predicting the future, and Heyman let the audience know that it’s not a prediction if it’s going to happen.

Even though nothing has been explicitly announced, Heyman and Boudreaux might form a union. If this happens, then there is a huge possibility that Heyman will push the young star to fame just the way he did with Brock Lesnar.

Is Parker Boudreaux following Brock Lesnar?

Parker Boudreaux is currently a young football prospect. However, Heyman wouldn’t have promoted him on his account if the wrestling aspect wasn’t involved.

So, it is possible that WWE is quietly making some moves to bring on the second version of ‘The Next Big Thing’ to the fans. If the phrase ‘The Next Big Thing’ is ringing a bell, that’s because WWE’s very own ‘The Beast’ used this moniker back in the day.

Parker Bordeaux using this moniker can be a sign of things to come. As we know, WWE hasn’t been averse to signing football stars in the past, and Bordeaux might just be the latest to join that list.


Paul Heyman is not the only one interested

Paul Heyman is not the only one appreciating Parker. AEW is right up there, hoping to get the young beast to sign up with the company.

Towards the beginning of 2020, Jim Ross had noticed the immense strength Boudreaux has. Obviously, he capitalized on that and offered Bordeaux an All Elite Wrestling tryout.

It might be fun to watch Parker Boudreaux debuting with AEW. That’s because WWE had their chance with Brock Lesnar, and now the wrestling universe should have the chance to witness Tony Khan and co. work with a beast.

It might be a while before we know which company has Parker’s attention; however, one thing is for sure, the said company will rake in a lot of ratings.

Shuvangi Sen Chaudhury

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