Being the Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley is the most dominant force in the women’s division. She has been holding the title for quite some time now. But another contender who is equally aggressive wants to claim the top spot. We are talking about Raquel Rodriguez and she wants to do so by taking Ripley’s title.

Mami’ Rhea Ripley has wreaked havoc by constantly attacking other female wrestlers. Hence at Payback, Rodriguez has proper plans to end this menace once and for all

Raquel Rodriguez calls Rhea Ripley “a thorn” in her side


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Rhea Ripley first attacked Raquel backstage on 17th July, injuring her knee which cost Rodriguez and Liv Morgan the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship that night. The following week, Ripley brutally attacked Liv Morgan and injured her left shoulder which put her out of action for the next couple of months. Now with vengeance in her eyes, Rodriguez has put out a warning message saying she will cut Ripley down to her size.

In her recent interview with TNT Sports, she spoke up about how she feels Ripley’s jealousy is not good for the overall WWE women’s division. She said, “You know it’s more of a fact that she doesn’t give too many opportunities to the women’s division, period! And then for her to attack me and attack Liv Morgan, to take away the titles from us, those tag titles we have fought for months to get back. I just feel that Rhea is maybe a little bit jealous of the relationship I have with Liv Morgan.” Rodriguez hopes to put an end to Ripley’s reign of terror.

She even went on to call her a thorn in her side and said, “Yeah, it’s been a thorn in my side, it’s been a pain, because there is just so much I want to tell her and so much I wanna do and I have to contain it until Payback.”

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But this feud between the two female powerhouses has been going on for years now.

Raquel Rodriguez and Rhea Ripley have been feuding since they both were in NXT


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Raquel Rodriguez and Rhea Ripley have both had their humble beginnings at WWE NXT. Obviously, both female superstars wanted to be the top star in NXT and this led to a feud between them.

They had their first match in 2020 at Halloween Havoc which Ripley convincingly won. Then later on they had a Last Woman Standing Match in 2021 where both athletes totally annihilated each other with any object they could lay their hands on, with Rodriguez emerging victorious.


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Post that Ripley left NXT and joined RAW, while Rodriguez joined the main WWE roster in 2022. As fate would have it, both these superstars will lock horns once again in WWE and continue their long-standing feud. Who are you guys supporting to win at Payback?