“It’s Crazy”: WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair Reveals the Backstory Behind Her Move to Pro Wrestling

Published Mar 3, 2023 | 5:00 PM EST

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There are some wrestlers who picked up wrestling in their very childhood, while for some, the uncertain destiny eventually brought them to the wrestling Universe. The second scenario was perfectly applicable to the current WWE sensation, Charlotte Flair. The 14-time women’s world champion has made a decorative in-ring career for herself over the years. Everybody is aware of her legendary achievements in the business. But not everybody knows what is the backstory behind Charlotte coming to the wrestling world.

Despite Growing up in the core pro-wrestling environment, surprisingly Charlotte didn’t want to follow in her father’s footsteps during her initial days. She was pretty casual about wrestling and didn’t have any plan to pursue it at all. So how did it happen? It was his late brother Reid Flair, who had his role in dragging his sister to pro wrestling.


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Charlotte Flair shed light on the background story of her pro wrestling career

Appearing on LeBatard’s show, the star revealed how suddenly and quickly it happened for her and how she was there only to motivate his brother. Recalling a life-changing dining table conversation, The SmackDown Women’s Champion noted, ‘They were trying to hire my brother at the time and the producer who was with us at dinner was like why aren’t you doing this and I did I was like oh I never really thought about it and my brother was like you could do it with me, we could move to Tampa starting with FCW, which is now NXT at the time.


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The star continued, ‘I was like, well; I am not doing much with my life, just personal training, and three months later I reported to FCW thinking I was going to meet my brother in Tampa and the rest is history. It’s crazy. Like really, it happened over dinner at the hotel.’


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Charlotte eventually fell in love with wrestling

When the host asked her if she ever considered being a professional wrestler at any point in her life, The Queen promptly answered, ‘No I never considered it I mean it’s hard when your dad Ric Flair and I wasn’t into wrestling growing up so no it was only to be with my brother and then I fell in love with it’.

Moving forward, the wrestler made by chance is currently gearing up for putting her SmackDown Women’s Championship on the line against the Women’s Royal Rumble 2023 Champion Rhea Ripley. The Queen vs The Eradicator main event match will probably take place on the first night of WrestleMania 39, marking the second WrestleMania clash between the two.


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