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“I’ve Always Been a Bad Guy”- Former WWE Champion Takes a Dig at WWE

“I’ve Always Been a Bad Guy”- Former WWE Champion Takes a Dig at WWE

The WWE may be a show centered around in-ring work. However, the characters in various storylines bring life and build up the excitement to the action we finally see in the ring.

Obviously, whenever it’s time for a happy ending to the storyline, it’s the good guy who always goes over.

There have been a few bad guys who won hearts like Razor Ramon, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Roddy Piper and many more. In the current WWE scenario, a guy who is very good at playing the bad guy is The Miz.

The Miz was a reality star prior to his WWE days. He joined the WWE in 2004 on the show ‘Tough Enough’ and worked his way up from there.

The Miz is one of the hardest working Superstars, according to WWE COO Triple H. Unfortunately, after all the years and work put in, some people still consider him a reality star.

The A-lister still feels his background plays a big part in his push as the main guy. Here is what he said on the Busted Open podcast.

“I look at myself and I’m like, ‘Well, you’re only 6 ft. 1. You’re only 200 something pounds.’, but then you sit there and go, well, Daniel Bryan, but Daniel Bryan is known as a technical wrestler. I always drive it back to I’m known as a reality star.

“Reality stars aren’t supposed to be butt-kickers, but I think I’ve proven myself to do that. And honestly, I wish there was just a clear-cut answer. Whenever someone comes out of a meeting or something, I’m like, ‘Man I lost,’ and they’re like, ‘Yeah, but tomorrow you’ll get back on the microphone and nobody will remember that loss, but once you start losing quite a bit in WWE, people start looking at you like a loser.”

The Miz talks about WWE being the business for the good guys

The Hollywood Superstar talks about how the WWE Superstars with multiple world title wins have all played the face character.

The Miz also feels that this is one of the reasons he isn’t the face of the company.

“You need to have wins under your belt. And I’ve always been a bad guy. I’m not good at being a good guy. I know I’m not, and sometimes I think that’s the reason because if you look at WWE, it’s a good guy business. You look at our biggest stars, they’ve always been good guys.

“I’ve always been that catalyst, that person that’s a villain, that will do whatever it takes to cheat, lie, or do whatever. Whenever I am going over the hump where people are starting to respect me and say who were cheering this guy now, I’m just so good at being bad that it just doesn’t work.”

Miz’s statement definitely has some weightage. The Miz was the WWE champion for 160 days.

The A-lister won the WrestleMania 27 main event against John Cena. The Miz was the bad guy in the rivalry. He won against a future Hall of Famer at the showcase of the immortals.

Unfortunately, that match is seen in history as the start of The Rock and Cena rivalry with no special attention to the Miz.

One can only hope The Miz gets another chance at the WWE or Universal Championship.

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