The Anoa’i family’s prestige in the world of wrestling continues to grow year after year. While there are already successful members such as The Rock, Roman Reigns, Umaga, The Usos, Rikishi, or The Wild Samoans who left behind or are leaving behind a legacy worth remembering, the new generation is also making its mark in the industry.

And it seems like after Tama Tonga, another Samoan name could make his mark in WWE. Or at least he should be, according to a veteran of the sport, Mark Henry. Who is it you may ask? Well, it is none other than Zilla Fatu. The son of the late great Umaga.

Should the WWE sign Zilla Fatu?


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During a recent episode of the Busted Open Podcast, Denise Salcedo and Mark Henry talked about the Bloodline and the WWE. And it was during this conversation that Mark Henry revealed that he wants the WWE to sign Zilla Fatu. Especially since Jacob Fatu could make his debut for WWE soon after the promotion signed him. Doubts had emerged over Jacob Fatu’s potential signing after his prison sentence past came to light. However, the WWE decided to recruit him. Mark Henry wants something better for Zilla Fatu and stressed that the young star could find his purpose with his potential signing to WWE. Henry said, “I’m just waiting to hear the good news. I’d love to see Jacob and Zilla both get signed with the WWE. And be a part of that Bloodline. Well, Jacob already got signed, so I’d love to see Zilla get signed and they mentor him. Allow him to be groomed correctly and be around positive people. And realize that there something’s as bigger than he is. And he is already there.”

Zilla Fatu previously made his debut for a promotion known as Reality of Wrestling. And he has trained under none other than Booker T, the man who owns Reality of Wrestling. The company’s basic objective is to develop young talents to promote them to the big leagues, but without losing the competitive spirit and connection to the indie audience.

Reality of Wrestling on numerous occasions invited some WWE Superstars to be present in some of their shows. And in 2023, Reality of Wrestling held its event called Summer of Champions IX on July 15t. It was at this event that fans could witness the debut of the son of the late WWE Superstar, Umaga. He faced Jonny Lyons in front of a dedicated crowd and cruised to victory after applying the Super Samoan Spike.

Zilla Fatu began training on the Reality of Wrestling in December. Fatu decided to leave the company in 2023 by mutual agreement and was also seen backstage at AEW Dynamite the same year. However, AEW hasn’t signed the young prospect. Although he may have too many eyes on him because of his lineage, only time will tell what will happen in the future. Nevertheless, what do you make of Mark Henry’s words on the young talent? Let us know in the comments section below.