Live from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, this episode of WWE SmackDown had a lot riding. Just eight nights away from WrestleMania XL, tension was riding high. With The Bloodline addressing Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson beating up Cody Rhodes on WWE RAW, Bianca Belair going up against Dakota Kai, and much more were on the cards. The final two teams for the six-pack ladder match at Mania were going to qualify tonight. Here are the results of everything that went down on WWE SmackDown.

WWE SmackDown 29/03/2024 Results

Kevin Owens and Randy Orton vs. Pretty Deadly


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Winner: Pretty Deadly

Coming out strong, the Pretty Deadly had Orton down for the first half of the match. Perfectly showing off their tag team skills, they kept The Viper down and away from Owens. However, this didn’t last long as Orton made the distance and got the hot tag. Once Owens took the ring, the match was in their favor. Owens and Orton were able to keep the duo down during the second half. Unfortunately, with Orton on the outside, Logan Paul got into the ring and knocked out Owens with the brass knuckles. This led to Pretty Deadly picking up the win.

Post-match: After finding out how Paul made them lose, the audience instructed Orton to check under the ring. Finding Paul hiding there, Orton wanted revenge. However, Pretty Deadly came to his rescue. After dealing with them, Owens and Orton chased down Paul who got away.

Backstage segment: Iyo Sky was cutting a promo before Bayley attacked her. This was revenge for what Sky did to her last week.

In-ring segment: Nick Aldis introduced the latest member of the SmackDown roster, Jade Cargill. Cargill claims to be the storm that will destroy the women’s division on SmackDown.

Backstage segment: Dakota Kai cuts a promo claiming Cargill hasn’t done anything yet and that she will destroy Bianca Belair.

Backstage segment: AJ Styles stopped Nick Aldis backstage to ask if LA Knight would be on the show. Aldis claimed that he did ask Knight to not be there.

WrestleMania XL Qualifying Match: The Street Profits vs. Austin Theory And Grayson Waller

Winner: Austin Theory And Grayson Waller

Both teams started out strong, with Waller and Theory keeping Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins on their toes. Spilling on to the outside, the teams were going strong. However, mid-way, Karrion Kross and Scarlett appeared on the big screen. They showed that Bobby Lashley was attacked backstage. Distracting them, Theory was able to pin Ford.

Post-match: The Authors of Pain attacked The Street Profits while Kross laid out Lashley.

In-ring segment: Legado Del Fantasma took the ring to thank Dominik Mysterio for helping them last week. The LWO came out to announce their new member, Dragon Lee. Complete chaos broke out as Zelina Vega started it, and the rest of the men joined in.

Backstage segment: Bianca Belair was seen backstage being hyped up by Naomi. Naomi even assured her that if Damage CTRL tried anything, she would be there for her.

WrestleMania XL Qualifying Match: Legado Del Fantasma vs. Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne

Winner: Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne

This was the final qualifying match for the Tag Team titles match at Mania XL. Continuing their streak, Bate and Dunne showed great chemistry and strength in the match. Despite their best efforts, Humberto and Angel weren’t able to keep up with Dunne and Bate. Hitting the Burning Hammer, Dunne and Bate were able to pick up the win. The qualifying matches for the Tag Team titles at WrestleMania XL were completed. The final six teams were selected.

Backstage segment: Rhea Ripley and the Judgment Day were seen backstage. Tension was brewing as none of them knew Dominik Mysterio was going out tonight. Coming back, Dom Dom claimed he wanted to make everyone proud. However, Ripley was not happy with this.

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In-ring segment: AJ Styles took the ring to address what happened last week. He claimed that he could’ve left LA Knight to rot in jail and miss his first Mania. However, he wanted to humiliate Knight at Mania. He said that Knight was in the arena and tried to find him. However, he could not before Knight attacked Styles. This led to Knight claiming that he was ready for Mania.

Backstage segment: Paul Heyman and The Bloodline were in a video promo. Heyman claimed that Roman Reigns issued the beatdown on Cody Rhodes by Dwayne Johnson.


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Main Event: Dakota Kai vs. Bianca Belair

Winner: Bianca Belair

Finally getting the chance to put an end to Damage CTRL, Belair took on Kai. The match started out with both women trying to take the lead. The EST showcased her strength against Kai, who was agile. Despite getting tossed around, Kai was able to kick out. Belair executed an impressive Superplex on Kai but took herself out as well. Belair hit the KOD for the win.


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Post-match: Damage CTRL attacked Belair only to be saved by Naomi. However, the numbers were too much until Jade Cargill came out. Cargill was able to dominate Damage CTRL all by herself.

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