Is Jey Uso the key to dismantling Roman Reigns' Bloodline, or will he fall in line?

There has been a long theory of Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso reuniting with their Tribal Chief in order to combat the new Bloodline. Ever since Solo Sikoa took the chair and brought Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa, and Jacob Fatu into the family, the dynamic of the faction has undergone a seismic shift. It reached a boiling point with the new Bloodline launching a brutal beat down on Paul Heyman. The rumor mills are rife that Roman Reigns is on his way to take revenge, leading to the initiation of a much-anticipated civil war. Did WWE just give away the role of the Usos in it? Michael Cole’s line from commentary on Raw provided a crucial hint to think about.

Did WWE subtly acknowledge Jey Uso’s inevitable Bloodline allegiance? 

Jey Uso stepped into the ring with a massive pop, as always. After a hard-hitting fight with Chad Gable, Uso stood tall. As Wyatt Sicks’ static unnerved Gable, leading to a distraction, Uso capitalized with a spear for the win, then bolted out of the arena. But the most noticeable thing during the segment was Cole talking about Bloodline 2.0, including Jacob Fatu, while Uso was busy hitting the running corner attack on his opponent.


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Who do you think will ultimately betray Roman Reigns in the Bloodline saga?

Jey Uso

Solo Sikoa

Jimmy Uso

Paul Heyman

It will be a thing to watch out how things unfold more going forward.

Amidst the brewing feud, let’s revisit the circumstances in which Jey Uso moved on, leaving his family behind.

Jey Uso’s troubled past with the Bloodline: Explained


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Jey Uso has come a long way since he left the Bloodline. The former Bloodline member started backing out around SummerSlam last year when he challenged Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Despite not getting the upper hand in the bout and being deceived by his brother Jimmy Uso in the process, the elder Uso knowingly or unknowingly opened an avenue for himself in return. His single run has been a praiseworthy asset of his career so far.

However, if we track back at the real reason why the YEET man started to go on his own, it would be being scapegoated for a long by his family members frustrated the 38-year-old a lot. Starting from being subjected to the doubt of Reigns and Solo Sikoa in MITB 2023 to getting over it, pinning the Tribal Chief for the first time, leading to the epic SummerSlam match, Jey Uso proceeded to cut ties with his family. Jimmy Uso’s betrayal worked as a last nail to the coffin.


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Now, it remains to be seen how WWE replants him in the family tree again.

What’s your take on Jey Uso being teased as the new Bloodline member on Raw tonight? Let us know in the comments.