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“Behind His Back”: Vince McMahon Purposely Made Fun of a Very Special Person Close to Brock Lesnar in Real Life

Published 08/24/2022, 2:00 PM EDT

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Vince McMahon is an extremely private person, just like Brock Lesnar. He has rarely appeared in any interviews and very fewer people know about his real side. Those people are the ones who have worked with him in WWE and his family members.

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However, once one of those people in WWE claimed that during the late 90s, Mr. McMahon picked on a wrestling veteran who is close to Brock Lesnar.


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In one of the episodes of Grilling Jr, Jim Ross recalled Vince McMahon made fun of him and Paul Heyman. He shared the story about Mr. McMahon taking about Heyman’s wardrobe.

Ross said, “I think he thought some of the same things for Paul, cheap suits, you know. Paul is a much better dresser now than he was then. I saw fisher, he was on McMahon’s plane the other. He named all the clothing he (Paul Heyman) was wearing, the name and brand stuff. Let me promise you, in 1997, he was going to a either men’s warehouse, not the best store.”

The voice of wrestling added, “He was going to, what’s the other place, the coat place? Burlington coat factory. So I think Vince, it’s Vince, he kind of made fun of Paul behind his back, but we all knew that he’s a smart son of a gun man. He still is.”

Furthermore, Ross added irrespective of whatever fun McMahon made of Roman Reigns’ Special Counsel, he knew Heyman was the smartest guy in the room. 

The current AEW commentator compared Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman’s WWE careers. He talked about how they got a job on RAW and SmackDown after Mr. McMahon purchased their promotions. Ross called Bischoff and Heyman ‘people with great ideas.’

Vince McMahon turns 77 years old today

For a long time, Vince McMahon is associated with the wrestling business. We can assume he was close to the business since his childhood. On August 24th, 2022, i.e. today, Mr. McMahon turned 77 years old.

This will be the first birthday in a long time that McMahon won’t be celebrating as the WWE CEO and Chairperson. Following his father’s footsteps, Mr. McMahon joined the business in the 80s. He started as a WWE official and then became a commentator in 1971, a role he regularly maintained until November 1997.


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He started appearing as a character on WWE TV after the Montreal Screwjob as the Attitude Era came. The rod was hot due to the Montreal incident, and he became a character for the betterment of the business.

Since then Vince McMahon gave the WWE Universe multiple memorable moments. Under his leadership, WWE became a global phenomenon and is a well-known wrestling company today.


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We, the team of EssentiallySports, wish Vince McMahon a Happy Birthday.

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