“Somebody Isn’t Paying Attention”- WWE Legend Reveals Major Botch Before Wrestlemania 17

June 7, 2020 1:57 am

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross revealed in a recent interview the giant mistake that occurred before Wrestlemania 17.

According to Ross, the preparation was in full swing for the main event. He and Vince McMahon were looking at the cards that were handled by the Creatives Team. 

McMahon was all up in the business of it while Ross himself had to manage the entire Roaster. Looking at the cards, Ross says he realized that there was no card for Triple H and The Undertaker. 

He found this very odd. The two wrestlers had been working hard the entire year and both equally deserved a match. When he pointed this out to McMahon, the chairman quickly realized the botch himself.

Caught by surprise, McMahon acknowledged the error and got to it immediately. There was a lot on the table, and Ross says it can be attributed to human error.

He explains how McMahon was very busy and was bogged down with work. The fault of the issue was a lack of attention on the part of the Creatives Team. 

The Undertaker Vs Triple H match was of epic proportions, thanks to Jim Ross

Jim Ross was right. The Undertaker and Triple H both deserved a match. Their performance was incredible that year, and not giving them a match at the headlining event would mean badly. It would be an effort with no reward.

The two got their match, and it was against each other. For those of you that watched it, you’d know that it was big. It lived up to the audience’s expectations.

The fixture meant a lot of additional revenue for WWE. Part of the Wrestlemania craze is about seeing The Undertaker compete with a ‘worthy’ opponent.

Jim Ross adds that he admired the way McMahon handled the entire situation. He did not waste time on corporate jargon by taking the time to consider it but acted immediately.

As soon as Ross informed him about the issue, he got up and began rectifying it. This effectiveness is just one of the reasons how Vince McMahon has kept WWE up and running for so long.

Thank God for Jim Ross! If he hadn’t noticed this in time, we may not have seen ‘The Deadman’ and ‘The Game’ go head-to-head in that big match at Wrestlemania 17.

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