Jimmy Uso Throws The Towel to Stop Roman Reigns and Jey Uso at Clash of Champions 2020

September 28, 2020 8:01 am

Jey Uso’s dream run started three weeks ago on the September 4 episode of SmackDown. Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns did Uso a favor by adding him to the fatal 4-way match after Big E was attacked and injured backstage. Uso surprisingly turned out the winner and the number one contender for the title.

On the go-home edition of SmackDown, The Big Dog said he loves his cousin and could even hand him the title but Uso won’t know what to do with it. According to him, Uso has always been lurking in the shadows of the family.

At Clash of Champions, Jey Uso started the match by saying, “it does not have to go down like this.” Previously, WWE aired an emotional promo featuring several members of the Anoa’i Family including Jey’s brother Jimmy.

In the beginning, Uso stayed away from intense physical confrontation. However, Reigns taunted Uso be saying, “how are you going to be the chief if you don’t stay on the island?” Uso then came to the ring to fight as Reigns kept punishing and saying he (Uso) should listen to the ‘Tribal Chief.’


On SmackDown, Uso confronted Reigns as he said everyone will know who he is when he becomes the new Universal Champion. However, he was laid flat by a superman punch. Reigns reiterated how Uso will never be the head of the table.

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Roman Reigns is the new ‘Tribal Chief’

Although Uso gained the upper hand momentarily with a Samoan Drop, Reigns came back in with a Superman Punch. The duo scuffled at the ringside for a while.

However, Uso gave a good fight and almost won the title with three near falls. Like Payback, Reigns hit Uso with a low-blow. Reigns demanded that Uso “acknowledge” him as the ‘Tribal Chief.’ But Uso retaliated by saying, “not today.”

In the end, Jimmy Uso came to his twin’s rescue as he threw out a white towel, signaling the end of the match. It was Jimmy Uso who addressed Reigns as the Tribal Chief to end the animosity in the family.

The match was physically and emotionally excruciating for both men. Despite the loss, Jey Uso showed the world what he is capable of. He might as well get a singles run in the future.

What could be Reigns’ next move as the Tribal Chief? Let us know what you think about the match in the comments.

Angana Roy

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