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From Jimmy Snuka to AJ Styles, Every Legend Undertaker Has Faced at Wrestlemania

Published 07/01/2020, 5:12 PM EDT

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The Undertaker at Wrestlemania has been on the most consistent events in sports history. For 27 long years, “The Deadman” has been attending the main event and facing challenger after challenger. His battles at Wrestlemania are legendary and will definitely go down as the most iconic moments in WWE history.

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Here is a list of The Undertaker’s opponents at Wrestlemania over the course of his career.

1.Jimmy Snuka


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Wrestlemania VII ( 1-0 )

The Undertaker had only joined WWE a few months before the main event. However, he was given a big push for Wrestlemania. He faced Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, who was the original high flyer.

Caught in his own web, Snuka flew straight into the strong arms of Taker, who countered it into a Tombstone Piledriver, finishing off Snuka.


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This was his first win, and from this big push, it was clear that WWE had big plans for him. The audience for one loved him.

2.Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Wrestlemania VIII ( 2-0 )

Probably one of the most interesting characters WWE has ever seen is Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Never hesitant to bring one of his reptilian friends into the rings, Roberts was a notorious crowd favorite.

Gaining the upper hand on The Undertaker in their match, he turned his attention to Paul Bearer, The Undertaker’s spooky manager who summoned Taker’s ‘powers’ through his urn.

The Undertaker, sitting up after a second DDT, caught Roberts by surprise outside the ring and Tombstoned him. Roberts was out cold, as Taker rolled him back into the ring and pinned him.

3.Giant Gonzalez

Wrestlemania IX (3-0)

One of the biggest men to ever step into the ring challenged “The Deadman”. Despite his visibly dominant size and physique, Gonzalez attempted to win the match by foul play.

When the bell rang, he tried to knock The Undertaker out by using a handkerchief with chloroform on it. This actually succeeded and Taker was carried away. 

However, as Gonzalez celebrated, cheers were heard as Taker returned, staggering, but standing on two feet. Paul Bearer tried restraining him but Taker had vengeance on his mind.

He immediately returned to the ring and laid waste to Gonzalez, managing to topple the giant over! Even though the match ended in Taker’s victory by disqualification, it would go down as one of his best Wrestlemania matches. 

This was probably because of the fact that he ‘rose from the dead’ after being knocked out by the chloroform, cementing his character.

4.King Kong Bundy

Wrestlemania XI (4-0)

For those of you who remember, “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase was the big reason behind this feud. First, he tried replacing an injured Taker with his own doppelgänger of him.

Next, he tried to vanquish Taker at Wrestlemania through his client King Kong Bundy. Bundy seemed like the dominant force, but The Undertaker quickly turned the tide.

After delivering a flying clothesline on Bundy, Taker was able to pin his downed opponent. DiBiase was quick to head away from the ring that night.


Wrestlemania XII (5-0)

This was a feud of tit-for-tat until the two giants met at Wrestlemania. Diesel interfered with Taker’s title match against the then WWF Champion Bret Hart, costing him the match.

Taker then ruined Diesel’s opportunity for the same by interfering in the match. To settle the dispute, the two faced off at Wrestlemania.

The Undertaker displayed his superhuman strength by lifting Diesel up for the Tombstone and winning the match.

This was Diesel’s final match in WWE, as he left for WCW a month after this match.

6.Sycho Sid

Wrestlemania 13 (6-0)

This matchup had quite the karma factor attached to it. Bret Hart initially got the vacant WWF Championship after beating The Undertaker, Vader, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in a Fatal Four-Way Match.

However, he lost the title in a matter of days to a new challenger-Sycho Sid. As Hart and Austin continued their feud against each other and with Vader out of the picture, “The Deadman” took the opportunity and drove to Wrestlemania to challenge for the title.

The Undertaker faced the best match he had fought so far, against a very skillful opponent. Sycho Sid took the game to Taker and would have won. 

Unfortunately for him, a salty Bret Hart kept interfering with the match time and again! On the last interference, Taker took advantage of the situation and quickly delivered the Tombstone on Sid, defeating him.


Wrestlemania XIV (7-0)

This storyline was one of the biggest of its time. The brother of The Undertaker returned to exact revenge on him. 

Kane claimed that Taker was responsible for the death of his parents and the disfigurement of his face, which is why he wore a mask.

What’s worse was, Paul Bearer was his father in the storyline. This meant that the urn was no longer on Taker’s side, but on Kane’s!

Overcoming the “Big Red Monster”, The Undertaker managed to defeat Kane after three tombstones. It was one of the biggest matches seen in those days and is still an iconic one to go back and watch.

8.Big Boss Man

Wrestlemania XV (8-0)

This match was during The Undertaker’s famous ‘Ministry of Darkness’ era. What first started as a thirst for the WWF Championship transitioned into a desire to conquer all of WWF.

Facing the leader of the rival faction The Corporation, The Undertaker took on Big Boss Man in the first Wrestlemania match inside a cell. Defeating him, The Undertaker became the most powerful wrestler in WWF at the time, at least that’s how the story tells it.

9.Triple H

Wrestlemania X-Seven (9-0)

While this match may be in the dark shadow of the later matches between these two, this match at Wrestlemania was a well contested one.

The reason why this match is so significant is that it was Taker’s first Wrestlemania as “The American Badass”. In one of the most shocking character changes, The Undertaker now seemed like a newer, fresher person. His character was a welcome change.

The match pushed both Superstars to the limit. Triple H and Taker took their fight to the stands. In an attempt to pound on The Undertaker’s head, Triple H had him cornered. 

“The Deadman” however, quickly countered it into a Last Ride and devastatingly slammed “The Game” onto the floor, pinning him.

10.Ric Flair

Wrestlemania XVIII (10-0)

The interesting part about this match was that The Undertaker had no good opponent that year. He was asked whether he wanted to fight an upcoming superstar or Ric Flair.

Not wasting any time, he chose the legend, Ric Flair. The feud was sparked when Flair interrupted Taker during a match against The Rock, leading to his loss. 

 This was a No Disqualification Match that turned out to be great. The match ended with The Undertaker delivering a Tombstone to Flair and pinning him. 

This was the first time that The Undertaker’s Streak was brought into focus. He himself gestured his Wrestlemania record after the match. This was the beginning of the line of superstars who would want to end the streak and challenge Taker at Wrestlemania.

11.A-Train and Big Show

Wrestlemania XIX (11-0)

The Undertaker faced A-Train and Big Show in a handicapped match to settle scores. It was supposed to be Nathan Jones on Taker’s side, but A-Train and Big Show played dirty and ambushed Jones before the match.

Seemingly outgunned, The Undertaker seemed defeated. Unexpectedly, Jones returned to Taker’s aid and put a dent in the opponents’ plans. 

Seizing the opportunity, Taker Tombstoned A-Train to win the match. This match would be the last of The Undertaker’s “American Badass” character. He would then transition into the Big Evil persona.


Wrestlemania XX (12-0)

The “Big Red Monster” returned stronger and more evil than ever to challenge The Undertaker. Now unmasked, Kane looked more gruesome than before.

Playing a big role in ending the Big Evil phase of The Undertaker, Kane’s interference led to him losing the Buried Alive match against Vince McMahon.

Stalking Kane in various instances after that, the feud finally caught air at Wrestlemania. Here, The Undertaker defeated his (storyline) brother for the second time through the Tombstone.

13.Randy Orton

Wrestlemania 21 (13-0)

“The Legend Killer” had one more legend to kill on his list. After attacking his own on-screen girlfriend Stacy Keibler and WWE legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Orton got the attention of The Undertaker.

Getting too caught up in the mockery, Randy Orton attempted to Tombstone The Undertaker, ending his streak in cruel irony. However, Taker countered it into his own tombstone in a perfect table turn!


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“The Legend Killer” was slain at Wrestlemania. Randy Orton’s challenge was the first which involved a direct motive of ending the streak. 

14.Mark Henry

Wrestlemania 22 (14-0)


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“The World’s Strongest Man” got in the way of The Undertaker. As “The Deadman” competed with Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship, Henry interrupted the match, costing Taker the opportunity.

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