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Not so long ago, John Cena was the face of WWE. Ever since the wrestler got immersed in his Hollywood career more, the promotion had to look at new stars to replace him. Ultimately, a few years ago, the Stamford-based company found that similar fire in Roman Reigns. Due to the similar booking and position in WWE, there is an ongoing debate among fans about who is the better out of the two.

Even though there is no official comparison, Cena has already given his verdict on the same. The humble legend recently opened up about what he thinks of The Tribal Chief during WWE’s Superstar Spectacle in India.

John Cena’s honest verdict on Roman Reigns’ presence in WWE


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The Tribal Chief has held his Universal Champion title for over 1000 days. This dominance is indeed fascinating to witness. Being the longest reigning Universal Champion of WWE, there is plenty of appreciation that Reigns gets for his performance in the promotion. When EssentiallySports got the chance to speak with John Cena at Superstar Spectacle on September 8th, we asked him for his opinion on Roman Reigns too.


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During a short press conference, the management introduced Cena to the reporters. Cena was presented with a question, “Roman Reigns as being your successor; How do you think he has taken on the mantle?” To this, the Hollywood superstar sincerely replied, “In my perspective… I think Roman Reigns is the ‘greatest of all time’.” This shows his admiration for Reigns as well as the humble nature of one of WWE’s biggest stars.

Through his humble statement, ‘The Doctor of Thuganomics’ proved Paul Heyman correct by considering Reigns to be the GOAT in WWE.

John Cena proves Paul Heyman correct

While talking down the WWE Headquarters for an episode of The Bump, ‘The Wise Man’ ran into a John Cena fan. The man was wearing a t-shirt with Cena’s popular motto, “Hustle, Loyalty & Respect” written on it. This infuriated Paul Heyman, and he lashed out at the person for considering the WWE legend to be the ‘GOAT’ of WWE, because according to him, it’s clearly Roman Reigns.


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So, Heyman told the man, “Acknowledge your Tribal Chief. John Cena is the second-place GOAT because Roman Reigns is the GOAT.” Through this kayfabe statement, even though Heyman didn’t remove Cena from the position of a top star, he clearly established that he believes Reigns is the better star.

And now, John Cena has also reiterated Heyman’s comments by giving the GOAT title to Roman Reigns instead of himself.


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Do you agree with this statement by John Cena?

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