The Rock is the most electrifying presence in all of entertainment. He is an icon in WWE and one of the very few who has made a successful career in Hollywood. The Rock on Instagram talked about why he retired from WWE and why he made a return.


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“I retired from WWE in 2004, at the age of 32. At that time. Well, here’s the why, at that time, there were two reasons; my contract had expired, and the most important thing is that an agreement I have with anybody in the world, any company, any individual it’s always important to me. It means everything to me to shake that person’s hand and look him in the eye and deliver what I gave him my word on what I would deliver.

So, in 2004 when my contract expired, I had delivered on my agreement with the WWE and my long term mentor and very good friend Vince McMahon.”, Rock said on IG TV. 

Rock had a seven-year-long career in the WWE and exited in 2004. He was on the top then, and it shocked fans all over. He finally handed out the answer as to why he made the sudden move.

I was at the top. I was the biggest number one draw. Retired from this world that I loved so much, and I know it’s a lot for some people to swallow. 

This philosophy, if I could leave and become successful in Hollywood and become successful outside of the world of professional wrestling, of the world of WWE and when I say successful, my ambition was I wanted global success. I wanted to have global influence in a very very real and powerful way.”

Rock also mentioned in the video that Vince supported his decision even though he called him crazy for making this move.  He left WWE for Hollywood and was part of some of the most significant projects for a decade.

Rock on his return to WWE 

Fans were in delight as the Brahma Bull was coming back to WWE. He was going to face John Cena at WrestleMania. Two of the biggest names in the industry going at each other. The Rock had something to say about how it all happened.

“I called Vince McMahon in 2011, and I said its time. He said it’s the time too and we mapped out a plan to bring me back and have a series of matches and come back out of retirement.”

Rock won the match against Cena. It was a huge moment, and WWE soon gave out the championship to him when he defeated CM Punk. Rock also mentions how he gave back the company what it deserved by making huge sales and breaking attendance records.

Reason for Retirement


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Rock would face Cena again the next year at WrestleMania; this time as the WWE Champion. Cena won the match and was crowned champion. The Rock showed unconditional support and the torch had been passed to Cena. 

“I was going to close out my career in a respectful way. A man in my place, the right way to do it is how we did it.


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I made John Cena Champion; the company made Cena Champion. And then he goes on to lead the company and be the man.”

The Rock inevitably headed out in the best way possible. He would continue his stardom in Hollywood, and right now, he is one of the highest-paid actors in the world. His movies have smashed records, and we expect nothing less from the Brahma Bull.