John Cena Single-Handedly Records Goat Numbers for WWE, but Also Leave Everyone Teary-Eyed: “The Last Mega Star in Wrestling”

Published Mar 8, 2023 | 12:30 PM EST

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John Cena is back again with his element. The WWE legend wasn’t seen anywhere inside the ring since 2021. Only once did he appear to wrestle in December 2022, but then vanished yet again. However, recently he made the fans happy with his return in March 2023. According to stats, fans definitely loved his return.


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A tweet recently reported how Cena’s return has sparked an unnatural excitement among WWE fans. Statistics show that Cena’s entry on Monday Night RAW pulled around 16.5 million views in just 24 hours. All fans clearly missed his presence in the squared circle.

However, it is also a fact that besides his entry, he will still have to hang up his boots one day. 

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This thought, nevertheless, makes all fans upset to their very core. Twitter got emotional as they ponder over the time when their favorite wrestler will officially call it quits.

Thought of John Cena’s retirement upsets fans

The hypothetical retirement of the WWE legend is already sad enough for the fans. It is a good thought to ponder upon what would happen when he retires for real.

That is a good response to the shocking numbers that RAW did due to Cena’s appearance. Fans definitely do love him.


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Brotha gonna have me cry like a baby when he retires,” commented a fan. They speak for more than half of the fans.

We don’t think anybody will be ready for that day of doom.

Somebody wrote, “The last mega star in wrestling,” Cena has such a hold on his audience that it doesn’t even sound like much of a stretch in his praise.

Absolutely. Cena is arguably the greatest ever. The day he hangs it up forever is going to be an emotional one. Enjoy him while he’s still doing it,” said a fan. It would indeed be an emotional day.

That is the best meme reference of the year.

This is an attack that the rest of the stars did not need.

Some people are so hurt that they are trying to deny the possibility of John Cena’s retirement.

The expectation cannot be turned down as The Prototype is always taking up new movie projects.


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It sounds even more upsetting when put forward like this.

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Although Cena may retire from in-ring action, fans can still expect him to show up in character cameos or guest commentaries. It would be a fun post-retirement twist.

Whatever it is that the wrestler may go forward with, fans will keep supporting him and loving him for the rest of the time.

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