Do you remember Triple H’s bizarre stipulation when he made John Cena and Randy Orton battle 17 other men? In case you weren’t aware of it, the match took place on the March 17, 2008, episode of RAW. The OVW graduates locked horns with the likes of Umaga, JBL, and others in a valiant display.

Among their opponents was a 53-year-old former WWE star. Recently, the wrestler opened up about facing the duo and preparing for the match.

Gene Snitsky recalls battling John Cena and Randy Orton


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Gene Snitsky’s tenure in the WWE came to an end in 2018, but before that, he was a member of the RAW roster that Triple H deputed to fight the duo of Cena and Orton. In fact, it was Snitsky who started the match alongside Cena. To his credit, he was one among those wrestlers who managed to remain till the end, before the roster teamed up and attacked the duo.

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Speaking about his experience on In The Weeds podcast, the ex-WWE star said it was a nightmare. “I just remember the nightmare of trying to set it up. With that many guys involved, it’s almost like a Royal Rumble,” he said.

“Everybody had their spot, everybody has their time,” Snitsky added. The match, however, yielded no results as the referee stopped it due to unfair tactics from Cena and Orton’s opponents. In the end, Triple H walked to the ring and delivered his signature Pedigree to both the superstars.

Just days later, the three met at a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XXIV. Orton managed to retain his belt by beating both Cena and The Game. On the other hand, Snitsky once opened up about the 16-time world champion making up to him after injuring the former WWE star.

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Meanwhile, Snitsky also talked about the evolution of wrestling and how modern pro wrestlers are different from his time.

Are modern wrestlers more cautious? Gene Snitsky opens up on the differences

Snitsky made his debut in WWE on the September 13, 2004, edition of the red brand. He stayed in the company for four years and feuded with many top stars. His first match was with Kane, in a losing effort. Thereafter, he feuded with The Big Red Monster. He also had memorable feuds with other prominent stars.

Snitsky is now a part of Major League Wrestling, having returned to the show on July 8. He spoke about the differences in approach between present-day wrestlers and past ones.


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“Back in those days, you got hit with a chair, you didn’t put your hand up. You just got hit with the chair,” he said. Pro wrestling has become a lot safer in WWE currently. Talents take more precautions due to the TV-PG stipulation attached to the show.

Previously, wrestlers would throw caution to the wind and perform spots that took a toll on their lives. These have also resulted in serious injuries and physical problems later.


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Meanwhile, did you watch the 17 on 2 handicap match? What are your memories from the bout? Let us know in the comments.