Dwayne Johnson has turned the tide for pro wrestling ever since his 2024 return. Apart from the changes in The Bloodline storyline, The Rock also showed everyone that he can act as a catalyst for other changes as well. Recently, he has started breaching the TV-PG guidelines that WWE usually follows. While some are appreciating the same, others are not so much.

Kevin Nash is one of the personalities who is not a fan of Johnson breaching the guidelines. According to him, there should be a clear rule for everyone to follow when it comes to censoring certain words under the given PG category.

Dwayne Johnson gets called out for keeping the breach exclusive


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Nash posted a clip from one of his recent Kliq This episodes on the YouTube channel of the same name. The video opens up with the WWE veteran, discussing the current situation of the promotion with his co-host. The latter reveals that the top cards of the roster are allowed to use curse words because they will supposedly bring bigger bucks.

To this, Hulk Hogan’s former NWO teammate replied, “It’s pretty wide open. You just can’t throw F-Bombs.” The former WWE star did not understand why The Rock and other top stars were allowed to use the forbidden words, while the rest were not.

While talking, it was revealed that as per PG13 guidelines, one ‘F-word’ per movie is allowed. So, the breach is clearly taking place, but the TKO Director is still excused.

This current environment in WWE gave way to another wrestler getting encouraged to do something crazy on Monday Night Raw 03/25, as he announced his arrival ahead of the night.

While one would predict that Johnson’s breach of the guidelines would get him into trouble, that is not the case. He recently turned down rumors for the same.


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Dwayne Johnson shot down Dave Meltzer’s WON for a false report

After the incidents where The People’s Champion openly used curse words during TV shows, there was a lot of suspicion among fans that he might get into trouble for the same. As a result, the Wrestling Observer looked into the same. The media house allegedly reported that Dwayne Johnson has been asked by TKO to adhere to the TV-PG guidelines that WWE has been following for a long time now.

While this news was interesting, The Brahma Bull dismissed it by claiming that it wasn’t true at all. The WWE legend called the report “horsesh*t” on Twitter, taking a shot at the media house that Dave Meltzer is popularly known for.


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