“Parents Failed”: Fans Give Out Mixed Reactions as a Young Kid Gets Called Out for This Adorable Undertaker Cosplay

Published 08/30/2022, 2:30 PM EDT

The entrance of The Undertaker will always be the most iconic one in the history of professional wrestling. Moreover, WWE fans have always tried to do his entrance and say the iconic catchphrase, ‘REST IN PEACE’.


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Recently, a kid cosplayed a part of The Phenom’s entrance at a hibachi restaurant. Surprisingly, some WWE fans started calling him out over his cosplay.


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After the clip of the kid cosplaying The Undertaker, WWE shared the video on their official Twitter account. The video was of The Deadman and WWE wouldn’t miss sharing it on their social media platforms.

However, in the comment section, some fans showed their disappointment over the video. A debate started about the kid cosplaying the wrong Brother of Destruction as the fire was Kane’s part of the entrance.

The fans shared reactions to the clip of the hibachi restaurant. However, the fans appreciated the kid for a creative way to cosplay The Undertaker but as per fans, Kane would have made more sense.


A video of Kane was shared by this fan to prove, who controls the fire.

A few fans mentioned how even The Undertaker has done this pyro many times in his WWE career.

Some praised the kid for his adorable performance

WWE started using the fire pyro in The Undertaker’s entrance a few years after Kane debuted. However, the WWE fans always recall Kane whenever somebody does a fire pyro. Still, the clip of the kid has gone viral and fans are loving it all over the world.

Some of the greatest WWE entrances of The Undertaker

The Deadman, over the years, had some of the greatest entrances during his entire career. Even though his regular TV show entrances felt grand, Taker had some of the most memorable ones at special events.

The first memorable entrance happened at WrestleMania 9, where he came out with an eagle. The next time he had an awesome entrance was at Royal Rumble 1998.


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Fast forward to when he was The American Badass. Taker entered WrestleMania 19, where Limp Bizkit, made it an iconic entrance for The Deadman. The next major entrance he made the following at WrestleMania 20 with bringing The Deadman character back.

However, nothing will top his entrances at WrestleMania 28, 29, and 30. The WWE universe will remember these three entrances as the best forever.


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Do you have any favorite entrances of The Undertaker? Do share it below in the comment box.



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