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IMPACT Superstars Troll WWE’s Raw Underground

IMPACT Superstars Troll WWE’s Raw Underground

IMPACT stars such as Josh Matthews and Karl Anderson are not shying away from taking a dig at WWE’s latest project – Raw Underground.

To recapitulate, during Monday Night Raw’s latest episode, WWE launched a new segment known as ‘Raw Underground’. Shane McMahon is at the core of this project.

Raw Underground features scripted MMA style matches under the wrestling threshold. Furthermore, there are very few rules involved in this.

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Now, when Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee were engaging in a conversation on Twitter about a prior exchange they had in the locker room, Josh Matthews chimed in by taking a dig at WWE Raw Underground.

“This one might need to be settled on #IMPACTUNDERGROUND. Jk Jk. #IMPACTonAXSTV”.

Karl Anderson takes a shot at WWE’s latest project featuring Shane McMahon

This is when former WWE Superstar Karl Anderson breaks his silence about the newest segment on WWE. The reaction clearly states that he did not find RAW Underground an appealing concept.

“Please, For the love of God, anything but that ..”.

On top of that, Scott D’Amore posted a tweet claiming that Josh Matthews’ dig towards RAW Underground might just win the night.

“I expect this from @THETOMMYDREAMERor but not a corporate VP or @IMPACTWRESTLING! Welcome to the don’t give a F gang! This tweet might just win the night! This tweet might just win the night!”

Now, RAW Underground might be a project that WWE is trying to bring their ratings up. Ever since live audience has been cut off, viewership for WWE segments have been quite low.

Coming to Karl Anderson taking a dig at them, it’s not unexpected. Anderson along with the other half of “The Good Brothers”, Luke Gallows, was released from WWE when COVID-19 hit.

As a result, they had to wait out there non-compete clauses before being able to sign with IMPACT Wrestling.

Source: Official Twitter Handles (Josh Matthews, Karl Anderson, Scott D’Amore)

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