WATCH: Karrion Kross Destroys Ashante Adonis in Less Than a Minute on WWE NXT

January 21, 2021 8:06 am

Few men in WWE are as intimidating as Karrion Kross. The former NXT Champion is on the warpath to reclaim the gold he never lost. He began by picking apart Damien Priest at NXT New Year’s Evil, and his destruction continued tonight. Facing the Cruiserweight division’s Ashante Adonis, Kross put on another beautiful display of violence.

Karrion Kross beats Ashante Adonis on WWE NXT

The former IMPACT Wrestling superstar made his haunting entrance, led to the ring by Scarlett. His mysterious and gorgeous valet is his actual wife and independent wrestling superstar Scarlett Bordeaux.Adonis was accompanied to the ring by his Dusty Rhodes Classic tag partner, Desmond Troy.

Poor Troy could not help but watch the destruction of his partner at the hands of NXT’s resident mercenary. Adonis could only land a few strikes before it all came crashing down for him.

Kross snapped off a Saito suplex after Adonis’ flurry of strikes. He tossed him with another sick Saito suplex and Adonis looked like he might be knocked loopy, but he expressed to the referee that he could continue. This ended up being a dangerous move from the youngster.

Kross saw this and nailed him with a vicious running elbow to the back of the head. This was the same move that spelt the end of Damien Priest. Unfortunately, Kross was not finished with the punishment.

Seeing Desmond Troy come to his partner’s aid, Kross ran up and put him in the straightjacket sleeper hold. Troy tried to fight Kross off but faded away in the submission hold. This was a brutal display from one of the most dangerous men to step foot in an NXT ring.

When will Kross win back his title?

The prospect of seeing Finn Balor vs Killer Kross is too exciting. We expected to see it as soon as Kross returned to the Capitol Wrestling Center, but Damien Priest kept him occupied. Fortunately for us, we might not have to wait too long.

After putting away Kyle O’Reilly at New Year’s Evil, Balor has no genuine threats to his championship reign. Pete Dunne is touted as a potential challenger, but he does not seem like an actual threat to the Prince. Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole, Tomasso Ciampa are all occupied, leaving out Karrion Kross.

If they eventually face off, it will either be Doomsday for Balor, or Karrion Kross will fall at the Prince’s feet.

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