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Dwayne Johnson, Known for His Insane Physique Was Accused of Having “Woman Thighs” By Hollywood Star Worth $450M

Published 08/11/2022, 9:50 AM EDT

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The world saw a sudden change in the physique of Dwayne Johnson around the year 2010. He had bulked up and became a bodybuilding icon for many fans across the globe. 

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However, there are instances when people have mocked Johnson for his physique. Shockingly, The Rock did not expect an insult regarding his body from a popular millionaire Hollywood superstar.


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A few years ago, Dwayne Johnson appeared on BBC Radio 1 with Kevin Hart. They took part in the Playground Insults game where the Hollywood star revealed the secret. However, Hart, while insulting The Rock, talked about his legs.

The comedian said, “Dwayne Johnson has woman thighs! He’s got woman thighs.”

The Jumanji actors started laughing. However, Johnson was confused and asked Hart what does this means. He wanted to know the meaning of this insult.

Hart said, “You know what? I don’t need to explain myself.” “This isn’t an explain game, it’s insults. Woman have nice thighs. You shouldn’t have their thighs. This is what I’m saying, now shut up man,”


Johnson started laughing aloud. You can make out from his reaction that The Rock was still not over the fact that Hart said. It still confused The Great One about this insult made by his best friend.

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Clearly, this was one more instance of Johnson and Hart insulting each other. There is no turning back for the former WWE Champion when Kevin Hart roasts him. 

Over the years, we have only seen Stone Cold Steve Austin roast/mock The Rock in public. However, that was in WWE; in Hollywood, Johnson’s best friend, Kevin Hart mocks him.

Kevin Hart talks about the origins of the famous WWE catchphrase of Dwayne Johnson

In the same interview, Kevin Hart revealed the truth behind Dwayne Johnson’s iconic catchphrase. He told the world the answer to ‘What The Rock is cooking?’


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Hart said, “Dwayne Johnson’s breath smells like sh*t on the regular (basis) (and) nobody knows this. You wanna know where the eyebrow raise came from? It came from the reaction of the people when he goes, ‘Hello’ and everybody knows. That’s ‘What The Rock is Cooking’ –Sh**ty breath.”


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Both the stars started laughing as Johnson said to the hosts, “Don’t encourage him, all right. My breath is not sh*tty”. However, now the fans finally know what ‘The Rock’ was cooking in the ring on WWE.


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What is your reaction to Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson roasting each other? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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