WATCH: Dwayne Johnson Busts His Eardrum Recreating Viral TikTok Trend With His Best Friend

Published 07/21/2022, 8:00 AM EDT

We are less than ten days away from the release of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart’s newest movie, DC League of Super Pets. The movie is based on the dog Krypto played by Johnson who has to rescue Superman and other Justice League members by convincing other animals. Meanwhile, Hart gives voice to Ace, a dog who recently gained superpowers.


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Recently they took part in a famous TikTok challenge where Hart got to slap The Rock while promoting the movie. Johnson recently shared a video on his Instagram where he and Hart took part in a Tortilla Challenge. At the start of the video, Hart said, “This will be the funniest thing ever.”


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The challenge is slapping each other with a tortilla withholding some water in the mouth. In the caption, Dwayne Johnson explains how Kevin Hart was waiting for this day to slap him. Both the actors were laughing all the time while performing the challenge.

In the video, we can see Hart saying, “We have seen the kids playing this game where they slap each other with these things.” 

Hart later explained to Johnson how to hold the tortilla properly, which is on the edge. Hart said to Johnson, “Don’t f**king knock me out”. They started the game by deciding who gets to slap first by playing the stone, papers, scissors method. 


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Hart won the first round and got to slap the former WWE Champion. The comedian won the second round of stone, papers, scissors and again slapped Johnson and the Rampage actor gave his iconic smoulder, silently telling, “I’m coming for you”.

However, Hart could not hold his laugh after slapping the second time and spat the water in his mouth. As a result, Johnson won, and he said, “So I win? So I win now? Wait a second” 

Hart, as a good friend, allowed Johnson to slap him twice after the challenge was over. The Rock later said, “You slapped the sh*t out of me, by the way! On that first one. You have busted my eardrum.”

How many movies have Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson done together?

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have done some amazing work together. The chemistry between Hart and Johnson is not just unbelievable in real life, but in movies, too. Both actors share a movie-like friendship.


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Johnson has acted in over 40 movies till now in his Hollywood career since 2002. Moreover, he has shared the screen in four movies with his buddy Kevin Hart, with one of them being a cameo appearance in Hobbs and Shaw.

The fifth one is on its way on July 29, 2022, which is the DC League of Super-Pets. After Johnson’s Black Adam, this will be another DC film he is a part of. 


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Furthermore, the next installment of Jumanji is also in the planning stage. If this movie gets confirmed, it will be their sixth movie together.

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