“Look Me in the Eyes”: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Engages in a War With US Army Veteran Over a Rising Issue

Published 04/02/2024, 2:20 PM EDT

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Dwayne Johnson has taken over almost all the pro wrestling news right now. The Rock demolished Cody Rhodes in the recent Chicago episode of Monday Night Raw. However, the lines between kayfabe and real life also went a little blurry after The Final Boss didn’t stop his onslaught on Rhodes even after the recording was finished.

Dwayne Johnson recently highlighted his annoyance at the concept of sticking to and following rules. He noted that he does what he wants and breaks past any and every restriction imposed on him. This, however, caught the attention of a US Army veteran who confronted Johnson. However, The Brahma Bull didn’t back down and responded to the words of the veteran with a counter of his own.

When Dwayne Johnson remained in the Final Boss mode on social media


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Recently, Dwayne Johnson engaged in a social media dispute with a combat veteran. Last month, Johnson had expressed frustration by tweeting on X about following rules during filming scenes. He highlighted the challenge of suppressing emotions. And now a US Army veteran has confronted Johnson by claiming it took Johnson to play a character to say what he really wanted to say. 

The army veteran went on a bit of anti-vaccine tirade and said, “Now do that in real life. Tell the U.S. government to shove it. That Americans should have free speech no exceptions. Tell Americans they should never be forced to get a vaccination. Tell Americans to stand up and say no one will take our guns in violation of the 2nd amendment.” The veteran challenged The Final Boss to say it to speak about sensitive topics and say those lines in reality to the US Government.


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He even went on to tell Johnson how he is an actor and that this is all pretend. “Courage and honor, you do NOT have. I said it. Now what,” he ended. 

After a while, The Rock also came back with a strong reply and showed who the real boss is between them. He did not back down while replying to the veteran on X. 

In the same tweet, Johnson replied, “Brother you got the wrong guy. You’re a combat vet (thank you for your service) as are many in my family (devgru) and until you look me in the eyes, shake my hand and we speak like men, I wouldn’t type this kinda shit.” This just shows how he still has respect for veterans but also being a boss didn’t mince down his words. 

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Rock challenged the veteran to a one-on-one meeting. However, talking about the Rhodes incident was it real or not? 

The backstage beatdown of Cody Rhodes: Is it a kayfabe or real? 

Turning heel after 20 years Johnson has set the stage high and now calls himself the Final Boss. In last month’s final episode of Monday Night Raw, Rhodes was ambushed by Johnson backstage, leading to a brutal beatdown that left Rhodes bleeding. 

Johnson relentlessly attacked him, showing his commitment to the segment. Interestingly, the 51-year-old star remained in character even after the director called “cut,” a testament to his dedication to the performance.


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Many fans were not sure if this was real or not. It looked real with all the cinematic effects of WWE’s new production team. But WWE has been doing scripted scenes for decades. Even in the Attitude era, many gruesome acts were scripted and it was out of control

Several rumors have been floating around recently about whether Dwayne Johnson will betray Roman Reigns to help Cody Rhodes or finish his story. However, only time will tell what will happen during WrestleMania 40. 


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What are your thoughts on The Final Boss’s reply to the army veteran? Whose side did you like in the online brawl? Do you think Dwayne Johnson will betray Reigns? Let us know in the comments down below. 


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