Nia Jax Injures Another Fellow Superstar on WWE Raw

November 12, 2020 12:15 am

Nia Jax continues to be one of the most dangerous wrestlers to work with. The former Raw Women’s Champion has injured more than half a dozen of her colleagues, and the list extended on the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw.

Nia Jax injured Mandy Rose on Raw

Her latest victim is none other than Mandy Rose. On Raw, Jax threw Mandy out of the ring, and she landed awkwardly. As soon as she landed, a referee took her backstage to be checked by doctors and trainers.

The accident came after Nia Jax’s match against the Raw Women’s Champion Asuka. If Nia were to beat Asuka, she would get a title shot against her the following week on Raw.

The match ended in a disqualification after Nia’s tag team partner Shayna Baszler interrupted the match to free her partner of the dreaded Asuka Lock. Post match, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke came out to confront the Women’s Tag champs, only for Mandy to get injured.

Jax has injured many wrestlers

Nia Jax has a history of being an unsafe worker and might carry that label for the rest of her career. The most famous Nia Jax botch came before Survivor Series 2018.

Jax smashed Becky Lynch’s nose and lacerated her face, which also resulted in a concussion. Becky’s injuries aside, it also led to the cancelation of the much hyped Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch match.

Jax’s second most infamous botch was against the much more petite Kairi Sane. The Japanese sensation was enjoying her best year in the WWE, ruling the women’s division with Asuka.

During a match on Raw in May 2020, Jax accidentally slammed Kairi Sane’s head into the steel ring steps. This resulted in a brutal head cut. Kairi then left the company in June 2020.

Jim Cornette has been one of wrestling’s most mischievous faces, but even he is accurate about Nia Jax. He attributed the injuries to her size, and that she, “Can hurt people whether she knows it or not.”  Jax even managed to injure R Truth at the 2019 Royal Rumble, when she stole his #30 spot in the match.

Captain of Team Raw

Jax is the captain of Team Raw for the women’s traditional five on five elimination match. WWE is yet to announce whether Mandy Rose will be replaced or if she will recover till the PPV. In the meantime, we have to still find out whether Jax will be punished, or she will go unpunished for another reckless injury caused by her.

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